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Homeo Readymade

ABDOMINAL PAIN Degesin syrup (NL) a digestive tonic.
ABDOMINAL PAIN Acidocin (NL) acidity indigestion and heart burn.
ABDOMINAL PAIN B-46 pain in left side of abdomen.
ABDOMINAL PAIN B-47 pain in right side of abdomen.
ABDOMINAL PAIN B-19 colic drops - pain in abdomen and constipation.
ABDOMINAL PAIN R-38 - affection right side.
ABDOMINAL PAIN R-39-affection on left side.
ABDOMINAL PAIN BC-3 colic for pain, indigestion etc.
ABSCESSES NL-10 drops for infection and suppurations.
ABSCESSES Blodolife syp Blood purifier.
ABSCESSES BC-20 skin disease.
ABSCESSES Adel 87 apo-INFEKT drops for infections.
ABSCESSES R-1 drop inflammation drops.
ABSCESS IN EARS NL - 10 drops ten drops three times a day.
ABSCESS IN EARS Otonil (ear drops) external.
ABSCESS IN EARS BC-20 Skin ailments.
ACIDITY Aciddocin (NL) for indigestion, acidity, heart burnt.
ACIDITY BC-25 acidity for indigestion, heart burnt.
ACIDITY Adel 5 apo-STOM Drops for acidity vomiting and other stomach ailments.
ACIDITY R-52 Vomiting, nausea, sea sickness.
ACENE Acnelone syp (NL)
ACENE Adel 40 Verintex for all types of warts.
ACENE Adel 12 DERCUIT drops for psoriasis, acne, uticaria, young ladies' problems.
ACENE B-25 acne drops
ACENE R-53 acne vulgaris, rash at puberty.
ADENOIDS Sinocin drops (NL)
ADENOIDS R-49 acute and chronic catarrh, sinusitis.
ALBUMINURREA NL-9 drops (urinary complaints).
ALBUMINURREA Adel - 29 AKUTUR for urinary canal and (UTI).
ALBUMINURREA R-64 albuminurrea drops.
ALCOHOLISM Nervocin drops (NL) for nervousness, exhaustion, sleeplessness.
ALCOHOLISM Toxinosin drops (NL) abut tixin/smokin.
ALCOHOLISM R-14 nerve and sleep droops.
ALLERGY, INHALENT Aller N drops for all types of allergies.
ALLERGY, INHALENT BC-5 cough, flu, cold and coryza.
ALLERGY, INHALENT R-83 food allergy.
ALLERGY, INHALENT R-84 inhalant - allergy drops.
ALLERGY, INHALENT Adel-20 proaller drops. Allery, hard itching, skin infection and eczema.
AMENORRHOEA Amenocin drops. Leucorrhea and menstrual problems.
AMENORRHOEA BC - 15 severe pain during menses.
ANAEMIA NI Affalfa syp a general tonic for all.
ANAEMIA Hamarex (NL) iron tonic for anemia.
ANAEMIA NL-5 Phos tonic weakness and lackness of vitality.
ANAEMIA Leucocin syp for leucorrhea.
ANAEMIA BC - 1 for anemia.
ANAEMIA Adel - 14 ferrodona drops for anemia treatment.
ANAEMIA Adel - 66 purify the impure blood.
ANAEMIA Adel - 79 PERRODONA Tonic gives relief from deficiency of iron in blood
ANAEMIA To controlanemia disease.
ANGINE PICTORIS Angio N gold drops for hypertension/hypotension.
ANGINE PICTORIS R-3 heart drops.
ANGINE PICTORIS Adel-43 cardinarma (weakness and unusual palpitation.
ANGINE PICTORIS Adel-54 Cangust to control heart attack and after heart attack.
ANGINE PICTORIS Neocard-heart tonic.
ANGINE PICTORIS B-39 cardio pulmonary drops.
ANGINE PICTORIS B-65 cardio efficiency drops.
ANGINE PICTORIS R-22 drops for nervous disorders (anginous condition of heart).
ANOREXIA NL alfafa, hemarex syp, heptolive, NL-5 phos.
ANOREXIA BC-1-blood deficiency.
ANOREXIA Adel -49 Dysentry, infection of stomach.
ANOREXIA Adel - 11 constipation.
ANOREXIA BC -25 acidity (amlta) gas and indigestion.
ANTI VIRAL Feverocin drop/syp for all type of fevers. NL 10 drops. BC 11.
ANTI VIRAL R-88 anti-viral drops.
ANTI VIRAL Adel - 87 apo-INFEKT drops.
ANUS AFFETION Pilocin drops for piles and hemorrhoids.
ANUS AFFETION Adel - 2 Apo-HAM drops.
ANUS AFFETION R-13 Hemorrhoids.
APHONIA Tonsilocin Drops for tonsils and throat infections.
APHONIA BC - 10 - swelling of tonsils. Enlarged one.
APHONIA Adel - 24-Septonsil drops for new and old tonsils/swelling of throats.
APPETITE/LOSS OF APPETITE NL Alfafa Syrup, Hamarex, NL 5 Phos, NL baby syrup.
APPETITE/LOSS OF APPETITE R-31 energize the appetite, increase blood supply, strengthens the liver.
ARTHIRITIS NL-1 drops for lumbago and backuche.
ARTHIRITIS R-46 Rheumatism of fore-arms and hand.
ARTHIRITIS Adel - 4 apo RHEUM droops, Gout.
ARTHIRITIS R-11 Rheuma drops.
ARTHIRITIS B-55 Fame Rheum drops (Indies for bones problems).
ARTHIRITIS B-52 Arthlogia drops for bones and bone joint.
ARTHIRITIS B 71 Arthopathi drops pain and swelling in joints, (bone infections pain).
ANTI SMOKING AND ANTI-VIRAL R-77 anti-smoking drops.
ANTI SMOKING AND ANTI-VIRAL R-88 anti-viral droops.
ANTI SMOKING AND ANTI-VIRAL R-87 Anti-bacterial drops.
ANTI SMOKING AND ANTI-VIRAL R-86 Hypoglycemia drops.
ASCITIS, DRPOSY DROPS, SWELLING NL - 5 drops for odema, swelling drops.
ASCITIS, DRPOSY DROPS, SWELLING Adel - 33 opo - ODEM different types of because any ailments.
ASCITIS, DRPOSY DROPS, SWELLING B-59 ansarka/dropsy - water to stomach also in legs.
ASCITIS, DRPOSY DROPS, SWELLING Adel - 32 OPSNAT different type of swelling because pleurisy, painIn ribs, wounds and injuries.
ASCITIS, DRPOSY DROPS, SWELLING Adel - 27 INFLAMYAR Forceful remedy for swallowing, conservation of bones,
ASCITIS, DRPOSY DROPS, SWELLING Gout, pain in muscles. Injury during play, sprains etc.
ASTHMA Astharex Asthma and bronchitis (babies).
ASTHMA BC-2 Asthma drops.
ASTHMA R-76 asthma Forte drops.
ASTHMA R - 43 against asthma.
ASTHMA B - 49 Asthma drops.
ASTHMA B-40 pleurisy drops (suffocation).
ASTHMA Adel - 10 DEASTH Asthma old and new
PROSTATE NL - 6 for prostate enlargement.
PROSTATE Adel-21 proscent drops when prostate gland increased, skin problems, eczema.
PROSTATE R-25 prostatitis
PROSTATE B-13 prostatitis drops.
BABY WEAKNESS AND TEETHIN PROBLEMS New life body tonic infant problems and in growing teeth.
BACKACHE NL-1 drops lumbago and backache.
BACKACHE Rheumacin drops for rheumatism, pain, gout, arthritis.
BACKACHE NL-8 drops for slip disc, backache.
BACKACHE BC-19 for rheumatism.
BACKACHE Adel - 39 opo-Sciatica.
BACTERIAMIA NL - 10 for infection and suppuration.
BACTERIAMIA B-67 shingle drops.
BILLARY DISORDERS Heptolive syp lever tonic.
BILLARY DISORDERS NL - 4 drops gallbladder, stone and colic.
BILLARY DISORDERS R-7 liver and gallbladder drops.
BLACKHEAD Acnelone syp for acne, pimples on face, shoulder and back.
BLACKHEAD Adel - 40 Verinex for all type of acnes and warts.
BLADDER TENDER Caculina syp for calculi in kidney and UTI.
BLADDER TENDER NL-9 drops for urinary complaints.
BLADDER TENDER Adel-22 Renelix for Renal stone and infection in UTI.
BLADDER TENDER R-18 Kidney and bladder drops.
BLADDER TENDER B-14 Renal drop for renal stone and renal problems.
BLADDER TENDER B-35 Urinary drops. Renal, bladder and other problems.
BLOOD CHOLESTEROL NL-3 drops for blood cholesterol.
BLOOD CHOLESTEROL Adel - 28 to reduce blood cholesterol
DISORDER OF BLOOD CIRCULTIONS R-44 disorder of blood circulation, hypotony.
DISORDER OF BLOOD CIRCULTIONS B-62 circulation drops cramps in thigh and legs and disorder of blood circulations.
BLOOD IMPURITIES Blodolife syp for blood impurities.
BLOOD IMPURITIES R-60 Blood purifiers
BLOOD IMPURITIES B-61 blood purifiers.
BLOOD IMPURITIES R-63 drops for impaired circulation of blood.
BLOOD IMPURITIES B-42 HIMATINIC Drops making proper scale of blood and its proper circulation.
BLOOD PRESSURE Angio N gold drops for hypertension and hypotension.
BLOOD PRESSURE Nervocin drops for nervousness, exhaustion, sleeplessness.
BLOOD PRESSURE R- Vita C-15 tonic.
BLOOD PRESSURE R- Vita -15 forte.
BLOOD PRESSURE R-85 High Blood pressure.
BLOOD PRESSURE Adel - 8 high blood pressures.
LOW BLOOD PRESSURE NL - 12 for Low Blood pressure.
BLOOD UREA CRETININ NL-2 drops for blood urea creatinine.
CALCIFICATION DROPS NL - 12 Calcification drops.
CALCIFICATION DROPS R-34 Recalcifying drop.
CALCIFICATION DROPS B-8 calcification drops for changes in body in old age.
CARUBNCLE NL-10 drops for infection and suppuration.
CARUBNCLE Eczederm drops for eczema and skin allergy.
CARUBNCLE BC-20 skin problems.
CARUBNCLE Belladonna ointment.
CATERACT, GLUCOMA AND VISION PROBLEMS Adel 17 GLAUTARACT for cataract, glaucoma and poor vision.
CLIMATRIC Climacteric drops /menopause droops.
CLIMATRIC - B - 7 Climatric drops. Redness excessive heat in body.
CERVICAL SPONDYLIYS NL - 15 drops (spondylitis drops)
CHOLESTEREMIA NL - 3 drops for blood cholesterol.
CHOLESTEREMIA Adel 28 PLEVENT remedy for cholesterol.
CIRRHOSIS OF LIVER Heptolive syp - Liver tonic.
CIRRHOSIS OF LIVER NL-4 gall bladder stone and colic.
CHOLERA BC-8 for diarrhea.
COLITIS Digesin syp-digestive tonic.
COLITIS Acidocin for acidity, indigestion and heart burning,
COLITIS NL-4 drops gall bladder stone and colic.
COLITIS BC-3 for colic.
COLITIS Entrocin drops for diarrhea and dysentery.
COLITIS B-19 Colic drops.
COLITIS Adel -49 apo ENTERIT for colic/stomach problems.
COLITIS Entorcin drop for diarrhea and dysentery.
COLITIS R-37 Intestinal colic drops.
COLITIS R-69 drops for pain between ribs.
COLITIS B-11 Pain drops Pain in muscles, bones and at joints.
COMMON COLD Kofsin syp Sinocin drop, Sinusitis nose block.
COMMON COLD BC-5 Cough and cold.
COMMON COLD Adel- 7 apo TUSS drop cough, cold, flu, asthma, high fever.
COMMON COLD B - 1 Flu and fever drops.
COMMON COLD R-45 Ilness of the larynx and upper breathing apparatus.
CONSTRICTION OF CHEST Kofsin syp for cough and cost.
CONSTRICTION OF CHEST BC-6 cough cost catarrh.
CONSTRICTION OF CHEST B-39 Cardio pulmonary drops.
CONSTRICTION OF CHEST B-40m Pleurisy drops for cough, breathing difficulty, cramp in breath.
COMPLEXION (DARK) Acnelone syp for acne, pimples on face, shoulder and back.
COMPLEXION (DARK) Blodolife syp for blood impurity.
COMPLEXION (DARK) Adel-66 TOXEX for internal/eternal blood purity.
COMPLEXION (DARK) R-60 blood purifiers.
CONSTIPATION Constip NL drops for constipation.
CONSTIPATION Pilocin drops for piles and hemorrhoids.
CONSTIPATION Digesin drops digestive tonic.
CONSTIPATION BC-4 Constipation.
CONSTIPATION Adel 11 DEFAETON drops to regularize the constipation.
CONSTRICTION OF CHEST Kofsin syp for cough and cold.
CONSTRICTION OF CHEST Astharex syp for asthma and bronchitis.
CONSTRICTION OF CHEST BC -6 for cough and bad cold.
CONSTRICTION OF CHEST Adel - 7 apo-TUSS drops for cold and flu.
CONSTRICTION OF CHEST Adel - 1 apo-DOLOR drops headache and migraine.
CONSTRICTION OF CHEST R-84 Inhalant allergy drops.
CORYZA Kofsin syp for cough and cold
CORYZA Sinocin drops for sinusitis and none blocking.
CORYZA BC-S for cough and cold.
CORYZA Adel - 7 apo russ drops
CORYZA Adel-23 RICORA drops. Sinusitis, running nose and sneezing.
CORYZA R-6 Influenza drops.
COUGH Kofsin syp for cough and cold.
COUGH Sinocin drops for sinusitis nnd nose blocking
COUGH BC-6 cough, cold, coryza.
COUGH Adel-83 for cough and whooping cough
COUGH Adel-7 asthmas, flu, hard cough and cold.
COUGH B-33 repetition after a short break, whooping cough.
COUGH B-49 asthma and coughing.
COUGH B-51 for singer's cough.
COUGH B-58 liver and lungs problems.
COUGH R-8 cough syrup.
COUGH R-9 cough drops.
COUGH R-48 Pulmonary disease.
COUGH R-57 pulmonary tonics.
SYSTITIS NL - 9 drops for urinary complaints.
SYSTITIS Calculi syp for calculi in kidney.
SYSTITIS Adel - 22 Renetix drop kidney stone and UTI.
SYSTITIS R-27 Renal calculi drops.
SYSTITIS R-58 against hydrops, simulates the renal function.
SYSTITIS B-63 Kidney drops Albumen and protein in urine.
SYSTITIS B-35 urinary drops.
SYSTITIS B-14 Renal drops Renal store, urine problems.
DEAFNESS Oto NL ear drops.
HAIR PROBLEMS Adel - 9 CRI-regen drops hair falling and thinning of hair.
DEBILITY NL-alfalfa syrup
DEBILITY Five phos
DEBILITY Vigor life forte drops for men
DEBILITY BC-28 general tonics.
DEBILITY R-67 drops for circulatory debility.
DELAYED DENTITION New life baby syrup for children.
DELAYED DENTITION BC-21 for child teeth.
DEPRESSION Nervocin drop for nervous, exhaust, sleeplessness..
DEPRESSION BC-16 Nervous (tiredness)
DEPRESSION Adel-51 psy-stabil for brooding lack of concentration, depression, fatigue.
DEPRESSION B-66 shock drops for major unhappening. Vertigo, faints.
DERMATITIS Eczederm drop for eczema, skin allergy.
DERMATITIS Bodolife syp for blood purifiers.
DERMATITIS NL - 10 for infection and suppuration.
DERMATITIS BC-20 for skin problems.
DERMATITIS Adel 20 PROALLE drops for allergy, sharp itching, skin ailments, eczema.
DERMATITIS B-23 Skin drops pimples, itch, blisters.
DIABETES MILLITUS Diabesin-N syrup. For diabetes.
DIABETES MILLITUS R-40 treatment of diabetes.
DIABETES MILLITUS Adel 18 GLUCORECT Sugar drops. Effective for blood sugar.
DIABETES MILLITUS B-20 Sugar drops. Diabetes and excess sugarin urine.
DEIARRHOEA BC - 8 for diarrhea and dysentery.
DEIARRHOEA Entrocin drops for diarrhen and dysentery.
DEIARRHOEA NL-17 drops for Fistula drops.
DEIARRHOEA Adel 49 apo ENTERIT for all sort of diarrhea and dehydration.
DEIARRHOEA R-4 Diarrhea drops.
DEIARRHOEA B-3 diarrhea drops. Infections in bladder and intestines.
DRINING AND STIMULATING R-26 Draining and stimulating drops.
DIZZINESS NL-20 drops for vertigo and nausea drops.
DIZZINESS B-16 vertigo drops.
DIZZINESS R-29 vertigo syncope(faint)
DIZZINESS Adel - 69 CLAUPAREST drops for vertigo, gangrene and soft current like.
DIZZINESS -Adel-38 apo-SPAST for vertigo and convulsion and severe cramps.
DUODENAL ULCER Digesin syp a digestive tonic.
DUODENAL ULCER BC -25 for acidity, gas, indigestion.
DWARFISHNESS High tall to increase Height and normalize the structure.
DWARFISHNESS NL 5 phos tonic.
DYSPNOEA Astharex syp for asthma and bronchitis.
DYSPNOEA Kofsin syp for cough and cold
DYSENTRY BC-9 Diarrhea.
DYSENTRY Entrocin drops for diarrhea and dysentery.
DYSENTRY Adel - 49 diarrheas.
DYSENTRY B-3 diarrhea drops.
DYSENTRY R-4 diarrhea drops.
DYSMENORRHEA Femincin syp for leucorrhea and MC problems.
DYSMENORRHEA BC - 15 pains during period (MC).
DYSMENORRHEA R-75 dysmenorrhea.
DYSMENORRHEA R-28 for dysmenorrhea and amenorrhea.
DYSMENORRHEA B-31 Menacin drops biting pain during mensuration.
DYSURIA Calculina syp for calculi in kidney and UTI.
DYSURIA NL - 9 drops for urinary complaints.
DYSPEPSIA Acidocin for acidity, indigestion, heart burn.
DYSPEPSIA Digesin sup for digestive tonic.
DYSPEPSIA BC -25 acidities, gas, indigestion.
ERACHE Oto-NL-(ear drops)
ECZEMA Eczema drops for eczema and skin allergy.
ECZEMA Blofolife syp for blood purifier.
ECZEMA BC-20 skin disease.
ECZEMA Acid Chrysarobinum ointment for external use.
EPILEPSY R-33 Constitutional treatment for epilepsy.
EPILEPSY R-47 for all hysteric complaints.
EPILEPSY R-36 Disease of the nerves, chorea, St Vitus dance.
EPILEPSY B-44 Convulsion drops Epilepsy, cramps in muscles. As if has tightly with ropes.
EPILEPSY B 53 Hypokandriacal drops. Problems related to hysteria.
EJACULATION PREMATURE Vigor life syp for man.
EJACULATION PREMATURE Ginkoit drops Viguor life forte drops.
EJACULATION PREMATURE R-41 Sexual neuralgia drops.
ENERGY LACK OF Ginkovit drops for vital energy and strength.
ENERGY LACK OF B-41 vitality drops.
ENERGY LACK OF Adel-85 NEU-regen tonic for mental and physical retardation.
ENTROCOLITIS Digestion Syp digestive tonic.
ENTROCOLITIS BC-25 acidity, gas and digestions.
ENTROCOLITIS Adel 18 apo-STOM drops - excessive acidity, vomiting And other stomach ailments.
ERUPTIONS Blodolife blood purifier.
ERUPTIONS Eczoderma drops.
ERUPTIONS NL 10 drops for infections and suppurations.
ERUPTIONS Acnelone for acne, pimples on face, shoulders and back.
ERUPTIONS BC - 20 skin ailments.
ERUPTIONS Adel - 87 apo-INFEKT drops infections caused by different germs.
ERUPTIONS Adel-56 HABIFAC for all infectious ailments.
ERUPTIONS B-23 Skin drops.
EYE CARE R-78 Eye care - Drops for oral administration.
EXHAUSTION NL 5 Phos tonic weakness and lack of vitality.
EXHAUSTION Hemarex syp Iron tonic for anemia.
EXHAUSTION syp tonic for ladies, gents and children.
EXHAUSTION BC-28-general tonic.
EXHAUSTION Adel 19 LASSITUL drops for mental and physical tiredness.
EXHAUSTION R- Vita C-15 Forte for nerve tonic.
EXHAUSTION R-31 energizes the appetite, increases blood supply, strengthen The liver.
EXHAUSTION Alfalfa tonic general tonic which energizes vital functions.
FATIGUE NL 5 Phos for weakness and vitality,
FATIGUE Hemarex sup Iron tonic for anemia.
FATIGUE NL Alfa syp general tonic for ladies, men and children.
FATIGUE BC -28 General tonics.
FATIGUE Adel 85 NEU-regen tonic for mental, physical and psychological tiredness.
FATIGUE BC-16 nervous exhaustion.
FEVER DEBILITHY Feverocin drops/syp. For all types of fever.
FEVER DEBILITHY BC-11 all types of fever.
FEVER DEBILITHY B-1 for flu and fever drops.
FEVER DEBILITHY R-67 drops for circulatory debility.
FLATULENCE Acidocin - acidity, indigestion and heart burnt.
FLATULENCE Degisin syp a digestive tonic.
FLATULENCE BC -25 acidity, flatulence and indigestion.
FLATULENCE Entrocin drops for diarrhea and dysentery.
FUNGAL R-81 Malod - analgesic.
FUNGAL R-82 Mycox -anti fungal droops
FLUE Feverocin syp/drops for all type of fevers.
FLUE BC-5 coughs and cold.
FLUE BC -11 all type of fevers.
FLUE B-1 Influenza drops.
FLUE R-6 Influenza drops.
FLUE Adel 23 RICURA drops for sinusitis, running nose, sneezing etc.
FORGETFULNESS Braino life syp - memory, mental power and concentration.
FORGETFULNESS Adel 19 LASSITUL drops for physical and mental problems.
FRACTURE Symphytum ointment.
GYNECOLOGICAL COMPLANTS R-50 Gynecological sacrolliae complaints, pain in sacral region (women)
INFECTION OF FUNGALS Adel-73 MUCAN for hair, nails and skin fungal infections.
GALL STONE COLIC NL-4 drops for gall bladder stone and colie.
GALL STONE COLIC Hiptolive syrup. A liver tonic.
GALL STONE COLIC Adel - 3 apo-HIPAT drops for jaundice, liver and gallbladder Diseases.
GALL STONE COLIC Adel - 34 AILGENO for treatment of pleeha and yakrit ailments.
GALL STONE COLIC R-7 for liver and gallbladder drops.
GALL STONE COLIC R-18 Kidney and bladder drops.
GALL STONE COLIC B-63 Kidney drops Pain albumen in urine and loss of protein.
GALL STONE COLIC B-32 legs in liv drops for liver problems and constipation.
GRANDULAR R-19 Glandular drops for men.
GRANDULAR R-20 Glandular drops for women.
GRANDULAR Adel-48 ITIRES swelling in lasica glands and related problems. Also Used for cancer treatments.
GRANDULAR Adel - 61 SUPREN to make strong adrenal gland.
GOUT Rheumacin drops for rheumatism, pain, gout and arthritis.
GOUT BC - 19 - Rheumatisms
GOUT Adel - 4 apo-RHEUM Drops
GOUT NL-2 drops for blood urea creatinine.
HAEMATURIA Calculina drop Calculi in kidney and UTI.
HAEMATURIA NL - 9 drops urinary complaints.
HAEMORRHOIDS Pilicon drops for piles and hemorrhoids.
HAEMORRHOIDS Constip NL drops for constipation.
HAEMORRHOIDS BC-17 for piles.
HAEMORRHOIDS Aesculus ointment.
HEADACHE Migrainocin drops for migraine and headache.
HEADACHE Sinocin drops for sinusitis and nose blocked.
HEADACHE Braino life drop for memory, mental power and concentration.
HEADACHE Adel - 1 migraine and headache.
HEADACHE NL - 20 drops Vertigo and nasal drops.
HEADACHE B-12 Migraine for neuralgia and headache.
HEADACHE R-16 - Migraine neuralgia drops.
HEART BURN Acidocin for acidity, indigestion and heart burn.
HEART BURN Digesin drops digestive tonic.
HEART BURN BC -25 acidity flatulence, indigestion.
HEART BURN Adel 43 CARDINORMA heart pain, heart palpitation, Heart problems and irregularities.
HEART BURN B-4 heart drops lack of functioning of heart.
HEART BURN R-3 Heart drops.
HEART BURN B-5 Gold drops for coronary arteries.
HEART PULPITATION Angio-N-Gold drops for low and high blood pressure.
HEART PULPITATION BC-24 nervous and brain tonics.
HEART PULPITATION Nervocin for nervousness, exhaustion and sleeplessness.
HEART PULPITATION R-66 Cardiac arrhythmia drops. For abnormal heart palpitation And other related heart diseases.
HEIGHT (short) Hightall to increase height, normalize the structure.
HEIGHT (short) NL 5 Phos for weakness and lack of vitality.
HEIGHT (short) Heptolive syp liver tonic.
HEIGHT (short) NL - 4 Drops for gall bladder stone and colic.
HEIGHT (short) Adel 3 apo - HEPAT drops
HOARSENESS Kofsin drops for cough and cold.
HOARSENESS Tonsilocin drops for tonsillitis and throat infection.
HYPERTENSION Angio-N-Gold drops. For hypertension and hypotension.
HYPERTENSION Nervocin drops for all types of fever.
HYPERTENSION BC-16 nervous exhaustion.
HYPERTENSION Adel 8 -high blood pressure.
HYPERTENSION R-85 High blood pressures.
HYPOTENSION Angio-N-Gold drops for hypertension and hypotension.
HAIR PROBLEMS R-89 Hair related problems.
IMMUNE DISORDER Ginkovit drops - gives vital, energy, strength.
IMPOTENCE Vigorlife syp for men.
IMPOTENCE BC -27 lacks vitality.
IMPOTENCE Vigorlife forte drops men's tonic.
INDIGESTION Acidocin for acidity, indigestion and heart burn.
INDIGESTION Digesin syp digestive tonic.
INDIGESTION BC -25 acidities, flatulence, indigestion.
INDIGESTION Entrocin drops for diarrhea and dysentery.
INFLUENZA Feverocin for all types of fever.
INFLUENZA BC - 5 Coryza. Cough and cold, nose blocked, yellow flow From nose.
INJURIES Symphytum ointment.
INJURIES B-26 Injury drips
INJURIES R-55 for all kind of injuries, heeling effect of wounds.
INSOMNIA Nervocin drops for nervousness, exhaustion and sleeplessness.
INSOMNIA BC - 16 for nervous exhaustion.
INSOMNIA B-10 Sleep drops.
INSOMNIA R-14 nervous and sleep drops.
INSOMNIA Adel 25 Insomnia/no sleeping.
INTERMITTENT/REMITTENT FEVER Feverocin syp/drops for all types if fevers.
INTERMITTENT/REMITTENT FEVER BC - 11 for all types of fever.
INTERMITTENT/REMITTENT FEVER Malarin drops for malaria fever.
IRON DEFICIENCY Hemarix syp Iron tonic for anemia.
IRON DEFICIENCY NL 5 Phos Weakness and lack of vitality.
IRON DEFICIENCY NL Alfafa syp general tonic for ladies, men and children.
ITCHING Blodolife syp blood purifier.
ITCHING Eczeme drops for eczema and skin allergy.
ITCHING BC-20 Skin ailments.
ITCHING Urtica Uren ointment.
ITCHING Adel 20 PROALLER drops for allergy and biting itching And other skin problems.
ITCHING R-23 Eczema drops.
ITCHING R 68 Shingles drops (Herpes drops)
JAUNDICE Hepto life syp liver tonic.
JAUNDICE NL - 4 drops for gall bladder stone and colie.
JAUNDICE Hemarex Syp iron tonic for anemia.
JAUNDICE Adel 3 apo HEPAT drops for jaundice and gall bladder
JAUNDICE B-20 Sugar drops - blood sugar
JAUNDICE R-40 treatments of diabetes.
JOINT PAIN Rheumacin drops for Rheumatic pain, gout, arthritis.
JOINT PAIN NL-7 drops for sciatica and numbness
JOINT PAIN BC - 19 Joint pain rheum. Rheumatism and joint pains.
JOINT PAIN Adel 39 apo-Sciatica for sciatica pain in hands feet lower back.
JOINT PAIN R-73 drops for joint pains.
JOINT PAIN Rhus tox ointment.
KIDNEY AFFECTION Calculina syp for calculi, kidney pain and UTI.
KIDNEY AFFECTION NL - 9 Drop urinary complaints.
KIDNEY AFFECTION Adel 29 AKUTUR UTI. Infection in urinal canal/bladder.
KIDNEY STONE Adel 22 renelix kidney stone.
KIDNEY STONE Calculina syp.
KIDNEY STONE NL-9 drops for urinary complaints.
KIDNEY STONE R-18 kidney and bladder drops.
KIDNEY STONE B-63 Pain in kidney, albumin, protein come out.
LABOUR PAIN BC-26 easy birth.
LARYNGITIS Kofsin syp for old and cough
LARYNGITIS BC-6 cold, cough and coryza.
LARYNGITIS Adel 83 - Bronci-pertu. Cough, whooping cough, asthma, breathing warm.
LARYNGITIS B-51 Laryngial singer sound problems.
LEUCORREA Leucorrhea syp for leucorrhea.
LEUCORREA Femicin syp for lecucorrhea and menstrual problems.
LEUCORREA BC-13 - Leucorrhea.
LEUCORREA Adel 15 FLOUFIN drops for leucorrhea and other ailments of ladies.
LEUCORREA Adel 31 UPELVA for menstrual problems.
LEUCORREA B-43 Hyper hydrosis drops excess flow of white elements.
LUMBAGO NL-1 Lumbago and backache.
LUMBAGO NL-8 slip disc and backache.
LUMBAGO NL-7 Sciatica and numbness.
LUMBAGO Rheumatism drops.
LUMBAGO BC - 19 rheumatisms
LIVER AFFECTION Heptolive syp a liver tonic.
LIVER AFFECTION NL 4 drops for gallbladder stone and conic.
LIVER AFFECTION Adel 34 AILGENO for (yakrat and plheea, in abnormal conditions.
LIVER ENLARGEMENT NL - 4 drops for gall bladder and colic.
LIVER ENLARGEMENT B-32 Leg-N-Liv drops for kidney problems.
BLOOD PRESSURE Angio-N-Gold drops for hypertension and hypotension.
MALARIA Malarian drops for malaria fever.
MALARIA Feverocin drop/syp for all type of fevers.
MALARIA BC - 11 for fever.
MARASMUS NL 5 Phos weakness and lack of vitality.
MARASMUS Feverocim drops/syp. For all times of fevers.
MARASMUS Hamarex syp. Iron tonic for anemia.
MARASMUS BC-28 a general tonic.
MEMORY WEAK Braino life syp for memory poorness drops, for all types of fever.
MEMORY WEAK NL 5 Phos. Weakness and lack of vitality,
MEMORY WEAK BC -24 Nerve and brain tonic.
MEMORY WEAK Adel 19 LASSITUAL drops for mental and physical tiredness.
MEMORY WEAK B-57 memory drops.
MEMORY WEAK R-54 Functional disturbances in brain
MEMORY WEAK B-57 Memory drops
MEASLES Feverocin syp/drops for all types of fever. Late and MC problems.
MEASLES R-62 Measles drops inflammation of mucus membrane.
MEASLES BC - 14 for Measles.
MENORRHAGIA & MENSTRUAL CRAMPS AND DISORDERS Femicin syp for all types of fever.
MENORRHAGIA & MENSTRUAL CRAMPS AND DISORDERS B-15 Female drops. Irregular menstruation.
MIGRAINE BC - 12 Headache dues to constipation.
MIGRAINE R-16 - Migrain and neuralgia drops.
NAUSEA NL 20 drops vertigo and nausea drops.
NAUSEA R-52 vomiting, nausea, travel sickness.
NAUSEA B-24 Nausea drops (nausea and vomiting during Pregnancy).
NECK PAIN NL - 1 drops for lumbago and backache.
NECK PAIN Rheumacin ointment for external use in Rheumatism, pain, gout and Arthritis.
NEPHRITIS NL-9 drops for urinary complaints.
NURALGIA NL -7 for Sciatica and numbness.
NURALGIA B-68 Neuralgia drops.
NURALGIA R-70 Neuralgia drops.
NERVE TONIC Brainolife syp for memory, mental power and concentration.
NERVE TONIC NL 5 Phos weakness and lack of vitality.
NERVE TONIC Nervocin drops nervousness, exhaustion and sleepiness.
NERVE TONIC BC-16 a tonic for nervous haustion.
NERVE TONIC BC-24 tonics for nerve and brain.
NERVE TONIC R-14 Nervousness and sleep drops.
NERVE TONIC R-15 Vita C nervous tonic.
NERVE TONIC R 15 Vita Nervous tonic forte.
NERVE TONIC R-22 drops for nervous disorders (anginous condition of Heart. Pain in heart.
NERVOUSNESS Nervocin drops for exhaustion and sleeplessness.
NERVOUSNESS BC-16 Nervous exhaustion.
NERVOUSNESS BC-24 Nerve and brain tonic.
NERVOUSNESS Ginkovit drop for vital energy and strength.
NERVOUSNESS Adel 51 psy-STBIL - fear, lack of concentration tiredness.
NERVOUSNESS R-14 Nerves and sleep drops.
NERVOUSNESS R- Vita-C 15 fort drops. A nervous forte tonic.
OBESITY Phytocin drops for reducing fact and obesity
OBESITY Adel - 13 Fattrex drops to reduce weight.
OBESITY R-59 against obesity, sliming effects.
OBESITY B-28 Weight drops to reducing weight.
ODEMA NL-5 odema and swelling drops.
ODEMA Rheumacin drops for Rheumatism pain, gout and arthritis.
ODEMA Rheumacin drops liniment -do-for external uses.
ODEMA BC - 19 joint pain.
ODEMA Adel-26 OSS-regn for treatment of bones and joint pains.
OTALGIA OTO.NL (ear drops) for ear troubles,
PHYSICAL DEBILITY NL - 5 Phos for weakness and lack ness of vitality.
PHYSICAL DEBILITY NL Alfafa syp. A general tonic for all.
PHYSICAL DEBILITY Hemarex syp-iron tonic for anernia.
PHYSICAL DEBILITY BC-28 general tonics.
PHYSICAL DEBILITY Adel 85 NEU-regen tonic(ampoule) for general physical weakness
PHYSICAL DEBILITY and regulates the functions of different organs in the body.
PILES Pilocin drop for piles and hemorrhoids
PILES Constip NL drops for constipation.
PILES BC-17 Piles.
PILES NL - 17 drops for fistula drops.
PILES Adel 2 apo-HAM drops.
PILES R-13 Hemorrhoids drops.
PILES B-9 Hemorrhoids Drops piles and fissure.
PIMPLES Acenelone syp for pimple in face, shoulders and back, acne.
PIMPLES Blodolife syp for blood purifier.
PIMPLES BC - 20 skin disease.
PIMPLES Acnelone cream for pimples, black head, marks.
PIMPLES Verberis aquifolium ointment for acne, pimples and complex.
POLYPI Thuja ointment.
POLYOUS Sinocin drops for sinusitis, nose blocked.
PROFUSED MENSTRUATION Femicin syp for leucorrhea and menstrual probels.
PROFUSED MENSTRUATION Leucocin drops for leucorrhea.
PROFUSED MENSTRUATION BC - 15 Menstrual troubles.
PROFUSED MENSTRUATION NL-14 Fibroid drops for Fibroid treatment
PROSTRATION NL 5 Phos for weakness and lack of vitality.
PROSTRATION NL Alfafa syp a general tonic for Indies, children and adults.
PROSTRATION Hemarex syp Iron tonic for anemia.
PROSTRATION BC-28 A generaltonic.
PROSTRATION Adel 21 PROSCENT Drops increase of prostate.
PROSTRATION B-13 Prostate drops for men. Enlargement of prostate glands an
PROSTATE NL - 6 enlarged prostates.
PROSTATE Adel 21 PROSCENT drops for enlargement of prostate gland.
PROSTATE R-25 for prostatitis.
PRURITIS Eczema drops for eczema and allergy.
PRURITIS Bodolife syp - a blood purifier.
PRURITIS BC-20 Skin disease.
PRURITIS NL - 10 infections and suppurations.
PRURITIS Adel 87 apo-INKFEKT drops for several infectious diseases.
PLURISY Plurisy drops-cough pain in breathing.
PLURISY B-40 Plurisy drops for suffocation, cough, breathing problems.
PLURISY R-24 pleurisy intercostal neuralgia.
PLURISY B-29 Intercastal drops Rheumtic pain in ribs.
PSORIASIS Eczederm drop for eczema and allergy.
PSORIASIS Acid Chrysarobinum for acebem eczema, psoriasis, ringworm, Fungal infections.
PSORIASIS Adel 78 ointment DERCUT ointmnt for psoriasis, acne, eczema, And many other ailments of skin.
PSORIASIS R-65 psoriasis drops.
PUFFINESS NL 5 drops Odema and swelling drops.
PULMONARY INFECTIONS NL-10 drops for infection and suppuration.
PULMONARY INFECTIONS B-39 Cardio pulmonary drops.
PULMONARY INFECTIONS B-54 Pulmonic drops for problems of lungs.
PULMONARY INFECTIONS R-48 pulmonary disease.
PULMONARY INFECTIONS R-57 Pulmonary tonics.
PULMONARY INFECTIONS Fem Rheu drops for bones problems of ladies.
PANCRIETIC DROPS B-70 Pancreas drops swelling of stomach, indigestion etc.
PUSH CELLS IN URINE NL-9 drops for urinary complaints.
PUSH CELLS IN URINE Calculina for calculi syp in kidney and UTI.
RBC IN URINE NL - 9 drops for urinary complaints.
RBC IN URINE Calculina syp for calculi in kidney and UTI.
RENAL COLIC Calculina syp for calculi in in kidney and UTI.
RENAL COLIC NL-9 drops for urinary complaints.
RENAL COLIC NL 2 drops for Blood urea creatinine.
RENAL COLIC B-14 Renal drops for renal stone, urine problems.
RHEUMATISM Rheumacin drop for rheumatic pain, gout, arthritis.
RHEUMATISM NL - 1 drops for lumbago and backache.
RHEUMATISM BC - 19 Rheumatism joint pain, backache, Sciatica,
RHEUMATISM B-55 Fem Rhuma Drops for ladies' bone problems.
RHEUMATISM Adel - 75 INFLAIMYAR ointment for wounds, swelling old and new joint pains, Muscles cramps,
RHEUMATISM orain and blue skin because wounds.
RHEUMATISM R-46 Rheuma pain on fore-arms and hand.
RICKET NL 5 Phos for weakness and lack of vitality
RICKET BC-21 teething troubles of children.
RING WORMS Eczema drops.
RING WORMS Bodolife syp Blood purifier.
RING WORMS BC - 20 skin disease.
RING WORMS Acid chrysarohinum ointments fir external use.
SCANTY MENUSTRATION Famicin syp for leucorrhea and menstrual troubles.
SCANTY MENUSTRATION Amenocin drops for amenorrhea.
SCANTY MENUSTRATION BC-15 Menstrual problems.
SCAR MARKS Acne lone syp for acne, pimples on face, shoulder and back.
SCAR MARKS Bodolife syp blood purifier.
SCAR MARKS BC - 20 skin diseases.
SCAR MARKS Acnelone cream for external use.
SCIATICA NL-7 drops for Sciatica and numbness.
SCIATICA Rheumacin drops for Rheumatism, pain, goat, arthritis.
SCIATICA Rota ointment to relief swelling in joints, aching muscles and brain.
SCIATICA Adel 39 apo-SAIATICA for sciatica and pain.
SCIATICA R-71 Sciatica drops.
SCIATICA B - 69 Sciatica drops. Ants walking sensation in feet.
SEBORRHOEA Echeveria drops for eczema and skin allergy.
SEBORRHOEA Blodolife syp for blood purifier.
SEBORRHOEA BC-20 skin diseases.
SEBORRHOEA NL-10 drops for infection and suppuration.
SEMINAL EMISSIONS Vigorlife syp for men's tonic.
SEMINAL EMISSIONS BC -27 lacks vitality,
SEPTIC INFECTIONS/SEPLICAEMIA Blodolife syp Blood purifier
SEXUAL DEBILITY vigorlife sup for men.
SEXUAL DEBILITY BC-27 lacks vitality.
SEXUAL DEBILITY vigour life forte drops.
SHORT BREATH, SNEEZING Sinocin drops for sinusitis, nose blocked.
SHORT BREATH, SNEEZING Astharex syp for asthma and bronchitis.
SHORT BREATH, SNEEZING BC-5 drops coryza, flu and bad cold.
SINUSITIS Sinocin drops for sinusitis, nose blocked.
SINUSITIS BC-5 coryza, flue and bad cold.
SINUSITIS B-6 inflammation and sinusitis.
SINUSITIS B-22 SINUS Drops sinus inflammation, running nose, Or blocked nose.
SKIN CRACKED Acnelone syp for pimple on face, shoulders, back and acne.
SKIN CRACKED Eczederma drops - Eczema, skin allergy.
SKIN CRACKED BC-20 skin disease, cracked skin.
SKIN CRACKED Graphitis ointment for eczema, dermatitis.
SKIN CRACKED Petroleum ointment for dry eczema and dry skin.
SKIN CRACKED B-38 REACTIVATING DROP for the treatment of skin which Irresponsible to any treatments.
SKIN CRACKED B-64 dermato drops unhealthy skin. SKIN (discoloration)
SKIN CRACKED Acelone sup for acne, pimple on face, shoulder and back.
SKIN CRACKED BC-20 Skin disease.
SKIN CRACKED Blodolife a blood purifier medicine.
SKIN (ULCER) Eczederma drops. Eczema and skin allergy.
SKIN (ULCER) Blodolife syp-blood purifier.
SKIN (ULCER) BC-20 skin disease.
SKIN (ULCER) Calendula ointment for cuts, ulcers, chapped skin, burn and scald.
SKIN (SCALY) Acenelone sup for acne, pimple on face, shoulder and back.
SKIN (SCALY) Eczederma drops for eczema, and skin allergy.
SKIN (SCALY) Bodolife syp-blood purify.
SKIN (SCALY) BC - 20 skin diseases.
SKIN (SCALY) Sulphur ointment for antibacterial, eruption and dry skin.
UNHEALTHY SKIN Eczema drops for eczema and skin allergy.
UNHEALTHY SKIN Bodolife syp-blood purifier.
UNHEALTHY SKIN BC - 20 skin disease.
UNHEALTHY SKIN NL-10 drops for infection and suppurations.
UNHEALTHY SKIN B-23 skin drops for pimples, itching and all skin problems.
UNHEALTHY SKIN R-23 Eczema drops.
UNHEALTHY SKIN R-32 Hyperhydrosis of varying agencies (too much perspiration Due to certain reasons.
SLEEPLESSNESS Nervocin drop for nervous, exhaustion and sleeplessness.
SLEEPLESSNESS B-16 nervous exhaustion.
SLEEPLESSNESS R-14 nerve and sleep drops.
SLEEPLESSNESS Adel 25 SOMCUPIN drops. Sleeplessness.
SLEEPLESSNESS B-10 sleep drops.
SLIP DISC NL - 8 drops for slip disc and backache.
SLIP DISC BC - 19 Rheumatism -pains at joints.
SORE THROAT Tonsilocin for tonsillitis and throat infections.
SORE THROAT Kofsin syp for cough and cold.
SORE THROAT BC - 10 enlarged tonsils.
SORE THROAT Adel 24 SEPTONSILIT drops for old and new tonsils and Swelling in throat.
SOUR ERUCTATION Acidocin for acidity, indigestion, heart burns.
SOUR ERUCTATION Digsin syp a digestive tonic.
SOUR ERUCTATION BC-25 for acidity, flatulence and indigestion.
SPERMATORRHOEA vigorlife syp men's tonic for vigor.
SPERMATORRHOEA Vigorlife forte tonic
SPERMATORRHOEA BC-27 lacks vitality,
SPRAINS NL - 1 drop lambago and backache.
SPRAINS Rheumacin drops - Rheumatism, pain, gout, arthritis.
SPRAINS Arnica ointment-traumatic injuries, sprains, muscular pain.
SPRAINS Ledam pal ointment infection of joints, punctured, would and inspect bites.
SPRAINS Ruta ointment help to relief swelling in joints, aching muscles and bones.
SPRAINS Adel 27 INFLAMYAR swelling and powerful remedy for all types of wounds.
SPRAINS B - 26 injury drops
STIFNESS OF NECK NL 1 drops for lumbago and backache.
STIFNESS OF NECK Rheumacin drops.
STOMACH PAIN Degisin syup a digestive tonic.
STOMACH PAIN B-2 stomach drops burning, flatulence, ulcer,
STOMACH PAIN R-5 stomach drops.
KIDNEY STONE Calculina syp for calculi in kidney and UTI.
KIDNEY STONE NL-9 drops for urinary complaints.
KIDNEY STONE B-14 Renal drops. Renal kidney and urine troubles.
KIDNEY STONE B-63 kidney drops pain, albumen in urine and pristine.
KIDNEY STONE R-18 kidney and bladder drops (for kidney and bladder)
KIDNEY STONE R-27 Renal calculi drops.
STRENGTH LACK OF Ginkovit drops. For vital energy and strength. SUPPURATION
STRENGTH LACK OF NL - 10 drops for infection and suppuration.
STRENGTH LACK OF Blodolife - blood purifier.
STRENGTH LACK OF BC - 20 skin disease.
TENSION Nervocin drops for nervousness, exhaustion, sleeplessness.
TENSION BC-16 - Nervous exhaustion.
TEETHING PROBLEMS New life baby syrup for children.
TEETHING PROBLEMS BC-21 teething problems.
TEETHING PROBLEMS R-35 teething aches drops.
TEETHING PROBLEMS B-18 Teeth drops late teething with pain in teeth and pus from gums.
TONSILITIS Tonsilocin for tonsillitis and throat infections.
TONSILITIS BC - 10 enlarged tonsils.
TONSILITIS Adel 24 SEPTONSIL DROPS for old and new tonsils and pain and Swelling In throat.
TYPHOID FEVER Feverosin drops for all type of fever.
TYPHOID FEVER BC-11 for all types of fever.
THYROID Adel 6 apo-STRUM for ailments related to thyroid.
THYROID B-56 Thyroid drops for thyroid problems.
TUMOR DROPS R-17 tumor drops(gaaths)
TUMOR DROPS B-34 Tumor drops.
ULCER Calendula ointment.
ULCER Adel 16 GASTUL Drops for ulcer in stomach, for intestines and stomach.
UNIVERSAL OINTMENT R-30 Universal ointment.
UNIVERSAL OINTMENT UTI (urinary tract infection)
UNIVERSAL OINTMENT syp for calculi in bladder and UTI.
UNIVERSAL OINTMENT NL-9 drops for urinary complaints.
URINARY TROUBLES Calculina syp for calculi in kidney bladder and UTI.
URINARY TROUBLES NL - 9 urinary complaints.
URINARY TROUBLES NL-2 Blood urea creatinine.
URINATION FREQUENT NL - 9 drops for urinary complaints.
URINATION FREQUENT NL - 6 drops prostate enlargement.
URINE BLOOD Calculina syp for calculi in kidney and UTI.
URTICAREA Blodolife syp for blood purify.
URTICAREA Eczema drops for eczema and skin allergy.
URTICAREA BC-20 Skin disease.
VARICOSE ULCER & VENOUS CONGESTION NL - 13 drops Varicose vein drops.
VARICOSE ULCER & VENOUS CONGESTION Adel 44 VENORBIS for varicose vein problems.
VARICOSE ULCER & VENOUS CONGESTION R-42 Venous stasis, varicose, inflammation of veins.
VARICOSE ULCER & VENOUS CONGESTION B 48 Vein drops Swelling of veins.
VITAL ENERGY Ginkovit drops for vital energy and strength.
VITAL ENERGY B-21 Strength drops for weakness and tiredness in men.
VITAL ENERGY B-50 STIMULANT drops give strength to veins and muscles of heart.
VITALITY LACK OF Vigour life syp vitality for men.
VITALITY LACK OF NL 5 Phos for weakness and lackness of vitality.
VITALITY LACK OF BC -27 lacks vitality.
VITALITY LACK OF Vigorlife forte dose a tonic for men.
VOMITTING BILIOUS Heptolife syp. A liver tonic.
VOMITTING BILIOUS NL-4 drops constipation.
VOMITTING BILIOUS BC -25 for acidity, flatulent and indigestion.
VOMITTING BILIOUS NL - 20 drops Vertigo and nausea droops.
WATER BASH Acidocin for acidity, indigestion and heart burn.
WATER BASH Digesin syp Digestive tonic
WARTS AND CORN Thuja ointment.
WARTS AND CORN Adel 40 VERINTEX treatment of all type corn and warts.
WARTS AND CORN Adel 86 VERENTEX N external. For all types of warts.
WARTS AND CORN Adel 40 (verintex + Verintax N) and Adel 86 combi pak) for
WARTS AND CORN External and internal warts.
WEAKNESS NL Alfafa syp general tonic for ladies, children and men
WEAKNESS NL 5 Phos weakness and lack of vitality.
WEAKNESS Hemarex iron tonic for anemia.
WEAKNESS BC-28 General tonics.
WEAKNESS Ginkovit for vital energy and strength.
WEAKNESS WORMS-Wormacin drops for worms.
WEAKNESS R-56 Vermifuge.
WEAKNESS B-27 Worm drops to drain out all types of works From Intestines.

Recommended Homeopathy books in English

No matter how much we read about homeopathy, it is very less, so we advise our readers to read more and more. It is our guarantee that you will always benefit from the more books you read and you can become a successful health consultant. Even if you are not a person from the medical line, you can take advantage of your information like you can take good treatment of yourself or your family. Anyway, nowadays many people are doing their treatment by themselves, due to which they save a lot of money spent on the doctor and this is possible only in homeopathy. But for this, it is very important for you to have complete knowledge of homeopathy. We have covered a lot of information in this app, but there are still many such things which you will understand only after reading more, for this we are describing only 1 book below. This book is explained in a very simple way. And by reading less, more information is acquired. If you are interested in homeopathy then definitely buy it. You can buy by clicking on the photo or link below.

Recommended Homeopathy Hindi books

होमियोपैथी के बारे में कितना भी पढ़ लें कम ही है इसलिए हम अपने पाठको को अधिक से अधिक पढ़ने की सलाह देते है। ये हमारी गारंटी है कि आप जितना अधिक किताबें पढ़ेंगे उनका फायदा हमेशा आपको होगा और आप एक सफल स्वास्थ्य सलाहकार बन सकते है। अगर आप मेडिकल लाइन के व्यक्ति नहीं हो तो भी आप अपनी जानकारियों का फायदा उठा सकते हो जैसे आप अपना खुद का या अपने परिवार का अच्छा उपचार कर सकते हो। वैसे भी आजकल बहुत सारे लोग अपना उपचार खुद से भी कर रहे है जिस वजह उनका डॉक्टर पर खर्च होने वाला काफी पैसा बच जाता है और ये होमियोपैथी मैं ही संभव। लेकिन इसके लिए आपको होमियोपैथी की पूरी जानकारी होनी अति आवश्यक है। इस अप्प में हमने काफी कुछ जानकारियां कवर किया है लेकिन अभी भी बहुत सी ऐसी बातें है जो आपको और अधिक पढ़ने से ही समझ आएगा इसके लिए हम नीचे अभी सिर्फ 3 किताबो का वर्णन कर रहे है। इन किताबो में बहुत ही सरल तरीके से समझाया गया है। और कम पढ़कर ही अधिक जानकारी अर्जित हो जाती है। अगर आपकी होमियोपैथी में रुचि है तो जरूर खरीदे। नीचे दिए फोटो या लिंक पर क्लिक करके खरीद सकते है।

त्वचा पर बाहरी रूप से प्रयोग में ली जाने वाली दवाइया

त्वचा पर बाहरी रूप से प्रयोग में ली जाने वाली दवाइया होम्योपैथी के अनुसार अधिकतर बीमारिया मुह द्वारा सेवन करने से ही ठीक हो जाती है। बाहरी रूप से खास जरूरत नही पड़ती है लेकिन कभी कभी इसकी सी जरूरत पड़ सकती है। ये दवाईयां निम्न है ।

एसिड कार्योल, एकोनाइट, एकेनेशिया, एपिस अर्निका, बेलेडोना, बेलिस পनिस, ब्रायोनिया, कैलेण्डुला, कौस्टिकम, यूप्रेसिया, हैमामेलिस, हाइड्रेस्टिस, পइपेरिकम, लिडम, प्लैण्टागों, फाइटोलका, रस टोक्स, रूटा, सिम्फाइटम, थूजा, आर्टिका यूरेन्स, विरेट्रम विरिडि, इस्क्युलस, एमोन कोस्ट, बैलसेगम, स्टेफिसेग्रिया, कॉचलिरिया।

एसिड क्राइसो – दाद

ऐसिड कार्बोल – सडे हुए बदबूदार घाव धोने के लिए पानी में मिलाकर, जलने के बाद बने घाव पर।

एपिस – मलद्वार से रोग, अंड कोष फूल कर लाल रंग का हो, गरम हो, दर्द हो तो इसके मद टिंचर की 25 बूंद वैसेलिन में मिलाकर लगाए।

अर्निका – यदि चोट में त्वचा फटी नही हो तो इसके मदर टिचर को या वैसलिन में मिलाकर लगाएं।

एमोन कौस्टिक – जहरीले कीट, पतंगें के काटने के स्थान पर ।

बैलसम पेरू – कीड़े मारने के लिए. खुजली।

कैलेण्डुला – कोई स्थान कट जाने पर 1 भाग मदर टिचर, 20 भाग गरम पानी में मिलाकर कपड़ा भिगोकर बाध दें, ब्लीडिंग बंद हो जायेगी तथा दर्द भी कम होगा इसके अलावा घाव पर भी लगाने के लिए।

हैमोमेलिस – किसी स्थान पर शिरा फूल जाने पर 1 भाग मदर टिचर 20 भाग गरम पानी में मिलाकर फॉमेण्टेशन करें।

लिडम – काटा, सुई, कील गड़ जाने पर इसका गरम सेंक करें।

रस टॉक्स – गांठों में दर्द, पुरानी चोट में दर्द हो तो मदर टिंचर लगाएं

कैन्थेरिस– कोई भाग जल जाने पर।

रूटा – रेक्टम का प्रोलेप्स होने पर या बाहर निकलने के बाद वापस अंदर नहीं जाने पर इसकी 30 या 200 पोटेन्सी मुंह तथा मदर टिंचर का वैसलिन में मिलाकर लगाए।

सिम्फाइटम – हड्डी टूट जाने पर या चोट लगने पर इसका थूजा – कुछ मस्सों के ऊपर लगाने से जल्दी फायदा होता है। बनाकर बांधे ।


गर्भपातSabin, Sec, Caul
चेहरे पर निकलने वाले गुलाबी मुँहासे, Acne RosaceaKali-b, Berb-a, Ant-c
तीव्र सूजन, Acute InflammationAcon, Bell, Ferr-p
गले की गिल्टी, AdenoidsCalc-fl, Tub, Bac
गंजापन, AlopeciaLyc, Arn, Psor,
ऐनोरेक्सिया, AnorexiaAbrot, Iod, Lyc
चिंता, AnxietyAcon, Cact, Iod
आंत में उपांत्र शोथ-एपेंडिसाइटिस, ApendicitisBell, Bry, Psor
मुंह के छालें, AphthaeBapt, Merc-c, Sulph-ac
जलोदर रोग, AscitiesApis, Arn, Apoc
नवजात शिशु में श्वसन विफलता, Asphyxia neonatorumArn, Ant-t, Op,
दमा, AsthmaArs, Ip, Dros
भोजन से घृणा, Aversion of foodArs, colch, Lil-t
अशुक्राणुता, AzoospermiaLyc, Con, adam
पीठ दर्द, BackacheAesc, Kali-c, Merc
टीकाकरण का बुरा प्रभावThuj, maland, med,
Better by thinkingPhos, Calc-p, caust
ब्लेफेराइटिस, BlepharitisPsor, Graph, Hep
फोड़ा, BoilHep, Sil, Bell
जलना, BurnsCanth, Calen, Pic-ac
स्तन का कैंसर, Cancer of BreastCon, Phyt, Aster
अंडाशय का कैंसर, Cancer of ovariesCon, Kreos, Lach
बड़ा फोड़ा, CarbuncleSil, Tarent, Lach
मोतियाबिंद, CataractCalc-fl, Mag-c, Sil
मस्तिष्क रक्तस्त्राव, Cerebral haemorrhageBell, Colch, Lach
सेरेब्रल-स्पाइनल बुखार, Cerebro-Spinal feverGels, Agar, Caust
लक्षणों की परिवर्तनशीलता, Changeability of symptomsPuls, Ign, Nux-m
बिवाई, ChilblainsAbrot, Borx, Petr
हैज़ा, CholeraCarb-v, Camph, Verat,
आंख का रोग, GlaucomaSpig, Phos, Sulph
ClubbingGraph, Sil, Thuj
उदरशूलColoc, Mag-p, Dios
collapse निपातAcon, Ars, Carb-v
मूर्च्छित, ComatoseArg-n, Nux-v, Verat
भ्रम की स्थिति, ConfusionCann-i, Petr, Op
आँख आना, ConjuctivitisAcon, Bell, Euph
कब्ज़Calc, Alum, Lyc
शरीर रचना संबंधी, Constitutional trioCalc, Sulph, Lyc
ऐंठन, ConvulsionCups, Chin, ZINC
CornThuj, Ant-c, Nit-ac
सर्दी-जुकामBar-c, carb-an, Phys
नीलरोग, CyanosisLach, Laur, Dig
रूसी, DandruffArs, Graph, Nat-m
बहरापन, DeafnessLyc, Caust, Psor,
प्रलाप, DeliriumArs, Hyos, Nit-ac
भ्रांति, DelusionBell, Ign, Stram
मधुमेह, DiabetesUran-n, Syzyg, Lac-ac
डिफ्थीरिया, DiphtheriaDipth., Phyt-b, Merc.
तंद्रा, DozingBerb, Canth, Tab
कष्टार्तव, DysmenorrheaMag-p, Cloc, Bell
खुजली, एक्जिमाAnt-c, Psor, Mez
दुर्बलता, EmaciationNat-m, Abrot, Sil
वातस्फीति, EmphysemeHep, Ant-t, Lach
मिरगी, EpilepsyBufo, Caust, Agar
नाक से खून आना, EpistaxisBry, Ant-c, Thuj
विसर्प, ErysipelasApis, Bell, Euph
बेहोशी, FaintingAcet-ac, Chin, Mosch
Fastidiour,तुनक मिजाजArs, Nux-v, Carc
डरArg-n, Aur-m, Psor
बुखारBell, Ferr, Chin
प्राथमिक चिकित्सा, First AddArn, Calen, Ferr-p
एनो में फिस्टुला, Fistula in anoBerb-v, Calc, Sil
पेट फूलना, FlatulenceCarbo-v, Lyc, Chin
धुँधला मौसम, Foggy weatherHyper, Rhus-t, Sil
भुलक्कड़Bar-c, Lyc, Anac
पित्त पथरीDios, Chol, Nux-v
नाड़ीग्रन्थि, GanglionRuta, Benz-ac, Med
अवसाद, GangreneCon, Phyt, Aster
आंत्रशोथ, GastroenteritisCarb-v, Nux-m, Arg-n
मसूड़े की सूजन, GingivitisMerc, Calc-fl, Nat-m
सूजाक, GonorrheaNit-ac, Psor, Mag-s
GoosefleshHell, Ign, Nux-v
गाउट, गठियाBen-ac, Nit-ac, Colch
भूरे सफ़ेद बाल, Gray hairPsor, Thyr, Lyc
शोक, GriefCaust, Ign, Puls
Gumboil, गम फोड़ाBell, Merc, Phos
हेमोटाईसिस, HaemoptysisSep, Fl-ac, Ph-ac
रक्तस्त्राव, HaemorrhageChin, Crot-h, Phos
बवासीरAesc, Aloe, Nit-ac
मुंह से दुर्गंध, HalitosisBapt, Borx, Merc
गोइटर, Hard GoitreBrom, Iod, Thyr
सरदर्दBell, Nat-m, Psor
पेट में जलन,Heart BurnArn, Hyper, Led
दिल का टॉनिक, Heart tonicDig, Cact, Card-m
हरनिया, आंत उतरनाLyc, Nux-v, Zinc
भैंसिया दाद, Herpes ZosterSulph, apis, Ran-b
हिचकीHyos, Lyc, mag-c
होमसिकनेस, HomesicknessCaps, Carb-an, Ph-ac
Hydrocephalus, जलशीर्षCalc-p, Hyos, Sil
दूर दृष्टि दोष, HypermetropiaCalc, Sil, Arg-n
हिस्टीरियाValer, Ign, Hyos
नपुंसकताLyc, Calc, Calad
दांत के निशान, Imprints of TeethMerc, Ars, Chel.
उदासीनता, IndifferenceSep, Fl-ac, Ph-ac
चोट, InjuryArn, Hyper, Led
कीड़े का काटना, Insect BiteLed, Canth, Apis
अनिद्रा, InsomniaOp, Nux-v, Coff
Iron tonic abuse, आयरन के टॉनिक का दुरुपयोगPuls, suplh, Zinc
पीलिया, JaundiceChel, Nat-s, Sep
keloid, केलॉइडFl-ac, Calc-fl, Apis
कुष्ठ रोगGraph, Hydrc, Sulph
लुकोदेर्मा, LeucodermaMed, Tub, Lach
प्रदर, LeucorrhoeaAlum, Con, Kreos
लेकिमिया, LeukaemiaNat-ar, Kali-p, Thuj
चिपकना पसंद है, Likes to be magnetizedCupr, Phos, Calc
लीवर का उपायNat-s, Chel, Chol.
जेर, LochiaKreos, Pyrog, Bapt
loquacity, बातूनीपनHyos, Lach, Stram
याददाश्त में कमीKali-br, Cann-i, Syph
vital fluid, महत्वपूर्ण तरल पदार्थ का नुकसानCarbo-v, Caust, Chin
उन्माद, ManiaHyos, Bell, Lach
हस्तमैथुनCalad, Plat, Bufo
खसरा, MeaslesSpong, Dros, Puls
दूध पैर, Milk LegPuls, Rhus-t, Ham
मूनलिग, Moonligh aggravationGraph, Sil, Thuj
कण्ठमाला का रोग, MumpsPuls, Brom, Bar-c
बड़बड़ाहट, MurmurRhus-t, Gels, Tab
मशरूम विषाक्तता, Mushroom poisoningNux-v, Ars, Absin
नाक का पॉलीप्सLem-m, Kali-bi, Thuj
Nusrsing children, बच्चों का नुसरत करनाBorx, Calc, Puls
निम्फ़ोमानियाHyos, Lach, Plat
orchitis, एक या दोनों अंडकोष की सूजन।Brom, Apis, Rhus-t
oversensitivity, अधिक संवेदनशीलताBell, Cham, Op
Ozaena, फाउल-स्मेलिंग नाक डिस्चार्ज और नाक संरचनाओं का शोषAsaf, Psor, Mag-s
दर्दCoff, Bell, Acon
पक्षाघातGels, Agar, Caust
Parkinsonism, पार्किंसंस रोगMerc, Caust, Mat-m
नियत कालीन, PeriodicalEup-per, Chin, Nat-m
फाइमोसिस, PhimosisApis, Bell, Canth
प्रकाश की असहनीयता, PhotophobiaArg-n, graph, Nat-m
प्लेग, PlagueSulph, Bell, Phos
बहुतायत, PlethoraHyos, Nat-m, Sep
पोलियोBar-c, Phys, Gels
पोस्ट ऑपरेटिव, Post operativeArn, Calen, Rhus-t
prostatitis, प्रोस्टेटाइटिस के लक्षणThuj, Ars, Sel
सोरायसिस, PsoriasisNat-m, Psor, Tub
नाखूना (टेरिजियम), PterigiumLach, Arg-n, Psor
ptosis, पलकों का पक्षाघातCaust, Con, Rhus-t
Pyelitis, गुर्दे की श्रोणि की सूजन।Ter, Cupr-ar, Merc-c
Myopia, निकट दृष्टि दोषPhos, Puls, Phys
Pyorrhoea, मसूढ़े में पीब पड़ने का रोगSil, Staph, Kreos
Quarrelsome, झगड़ालूAur, Ign, Tarent
RanulaAmbr. Nit-ac, Calc-c
गुरदे का दर्दBerb, Canth, Tab
बेचैनीArs, Acon, Rhus-t
प्लेसेंटा बनाए रखा, Retained placentaCanth, Caul, Sep
सूखा रोग, RicketsSil, Calc-p, Calc
दादSulph, Hep, Tell
पेशाब में रेत, Sand in urineLyc, Borx, Sarc.
Schizophrenia, एक प्रकार का पागलपनNat-m, Tub, Plat
Sciatica, कटिस्नायुशूलBry, Kali-i, Rhus-t
स्कर्वी रोगCarb-v, Merc, Mur-ac
सी सिकनेस, Sea SicknessPetr, Nux-v, Cocc
बेशर्मBufo, Anac, Op
shock, झटकाAcon, Carb-v, Pic-ac
छोटी चेचकAnti-c, Malad, thuj
नींद में चलनाAur, Nat-s, Arg-n
खट्टा महक निर्वहन, Sour Smelling DischargeRheum., Psor, Mag-c.
निस्र्त्साह, SpiritlessCann-i, Cham, Bar-c
मोचRuta, Bry, Arn
बहंगापनGels, Bell, ahyos
हकलानाBell, Nux-v, Stram
बाँझपनAur, Nat-m, Sep
आघात, StrokeOp, Stry, Acon
stye, आंखों में फुंसी (अंजनी या गोयरीPluls, Apis, Kali-c
आत्महत्या का स्वभावAur, Nat-s, Arg-n
सूर्य से वृद्धि, Sun aggravationGlon, Nat-m, Puls
वहमी, SuperstitiousZinc, Lach, Con
स्वैलोन ग्लैंड, Swallon GlandBell, Merc, Phyt
पसीना छूटता हैArs, Nat-m, Psor.
Psychotic, मानसिक रुग्णताArg-n, Thuj, Kali-s
उपदंश, SyphilisAuram met, Kali-i, Syph
तंबाकू की बीमारी, Tobacco ailments fromTab, Op, Nux-v
शिकायत करने की सोच Thinking of complantsOx-ac, Sil, Helon
Thirstless, प्यास नहीं लगतीIp, Puls, Gels
Thrombosis,थ्रोंबोसिस, जब शरीर की भीतरी धमनियों में रक्त थक्के के रूप में जम जाता हैLach, Sec, Both
tinnitus, कानों में बजना या गूंजना।Gels, Tab, Caust
जीभ का पक्षाघातCaust, Gels, Op
दांत दर्दCham, Plant, Merc, Clendula
यात्रा की बीमारी, Travel SicknessHyper, Rhus-t, Sil
Ulcerative Colitis, नासूर के साथ बड़ी आंत में सूजनCarc, Lil-t, Chloram
मूत्रमार्ग कार्सिनोमाCarc, Merc, Syph
मूत्रमार्ग बाध्यता, Urethral strictureCanth, Merc, Cann-i
पित्ती, UrticariaAcon, Apis, Urt-u
यूटेराइन फाइब्रॉयड, गर्भाशय की तंतुमय गांठCalc-f, Apis, Phos
Varicocele, वृषण-शिरापस्फीतिLach, Sulph, Ham
सिर का चक्कर, VertigoRhus-t, Gels, Tab
उल्टीArs, Puls, Ip
मौसा, WartsCaust, Nit-ac, Thuj
विलेय रोग, Weilse DiseasePhos, Coloc, Bell
Wen, गुमडाGraph, kali-c, Sil
Whooping caugh, काली-खाँसी, कूकर-कासDros, Cupr, Spong
दुष्टता, WickednessCocc, Lach, Tarent
कृमि संक्रमण, Worm infestationCina, Stann, Teucr
घाव, WoundLed, Staph, Op
गलती लिखना, Writing mistakeBov, Fl-ac, Nux-v
उबासी लेना, YawningIgn, Lyc, Staph
पीली लेपित जीभKali-b, Nat-m. Chel

Penis defects and Erectly dysfunction

Many people have asked us how to make the penis longer and thicker or the penis remains loose and ejaculates quickly and falls.

problem –
1 Does not desire sex (Low libido)
2 Feeling tired.
3 Always stay away from wife.
4 lack of confidence
5 Low sperm count.
Lack of motility in sperms.
7 Sexual intercourse does not last long. 8 Erectly dysfunction.

Today we will discuss this. We have successfully treated many patients. We use the following medicines the most in this work.
1 lycopodium 200 – Once a week, put four drops directly on the tongue (Sunday to Sunday). Up to 12 weeks.
2 Nuxvomica 200 – Once a week, put four drops directly on the tongue (Wed to Wed) for 4 weeks.
3 Schwabe Damiaplant drops is a popular homeopathic medicine to treat common forms of sexual dysfunction in men through a proprietary blend of several homeopathic herbs (available in drops). It has key Ingredients like damiana, ginseng etc that acts on male impotence and the related emotional problems. It treats erectile dysfunction, sexual weakness, premature ejaculation (action of ejecting semen from the body) and loss of libido (sexual desire).

Click on image for buy Damia plant drop

पुरुष लिंग के दोषो को दूर करें

बहुत से लोगों ने हमसे सवाल किया है कि लिंग को लम्बा और मोटा कैसे किया जाए या लिंग ढीला रहता है और जल्दी स्खलित होकर गिर जाता है।

समस्या –
१ सम्भोग की इच्छा नहीं करती है।
२ थका थका सा महसूस होता है।
३ हमेशा बीवी से दूर रहना।
४ कॉन्फिडेंस की कमी
५ शुक्राणुओं का कम होना।
६ शुक्राणुओं में गतिशीलता की कमी।
७ सम्भोग ज्यादा देर तक नहीं चलता है।

आज हम इसी पर चर्चा करेंगे। हमने बहुत से मरीजों का सफलता पूर्वक इलाज किया। इस काम में सबसे ज्यादा इस्तेमाल हम निम्न दवाइयों का करते है।
१ lycopodium २०० – हफ्ते में एक बार चार बूँद सीधे जीभ पर डालें (संडे से संडे )। १२ हफ़्तों तक।
२ नक्सवोमिका २०० – हफ्ते में एक बार चार बूँद सीधे जीभ पर डालें (बुध से बुध ) ४ हफ़्तों तक।

Schwabe Damiaplant Drops – कई होम्योपैथिक जड़ी-बूटियों (बूंदों में उपलब्ध) के मिश्रण के माध्यम से पुरुषों में यौन रोग का इलाज करने के लिए एक लोकप्रिय होम्योपैथिक दवा है। इसमें प्रमुख तत्व जैसे दामियाना, जिनसेंग आदि हैं जो पुरुष नपुंसकता और संबंधित भावनात्मक समस्याओं पर कार्य करते हैं। यह स्तंभन दोष, यौन कमजोरी, शीघ्रपतन (शरीर से वीर्य निकालने की क्रिया) और कामेच्छा में कमी (यौन इच्छा) का इलाज करता है। (१० – १० बूंदे दिन में तीन बार)

ये तीन दवाएं एक इलाज हैं। और इसे तीन महीने तक लेना होता है। इससे किसी भी प्रकार की समस्या का समाधान होता है।

Schwabe Damiaplant Drops खरीदें