1. C.Anantha Rao ji,
    Please use Pulsatilla 30C thrice in a day, please contact again after 20 days.

  2. C.Anantha Rao says:

    My wife 76 years old. Has been suffering from B.P., acidity, indigestion, frequent urgent motions for a long time. On B.P. medicines for a long time. Nervous, fearful, mild, fearful, worried about ailments, fears to be alone, religious,timid, can’t mingle with others easily, fond of sweets,TV serials, lazy, weeps easily, believes others easily, have compassion etc. Number of normal endoscopes, heart tests etc. Now taking NIXOCID, JONDILA, Gasex, Liv 52 and Revlol XL 100, Cetanil 20, Clopitab 75, Olmezest 20 , for BP.8 months ago had severe itching of body. Dermatologist prescribed Anti allergy tabs, mosturizer, cream, soaps etc. Itch reduced. Since 2 months recurred. Taken Mezerium 200, Sulfer 30. Still has itching due to dry skin as per Dermatologist. Kindly suggest homeo medicines. Also mouth thrush frequent.

  3. Anupam ji,
    Nuxvomica 30

  4. Anupam Kumar Savita says:

    A man age 40 , penis not erect looseness , if head of penis some erect then head of penis not bloat , reason too much oral sex by wife with masturbation , testes hang left testes

  5. Ashu ji,
    Aise case me Lycopodium 200 hafte me ek baar 4 hafte tak lete hai.

  6. Ashu ji,
    Agar koi dusre sharirik lakshan bhi hai to jarur bataye

  7. Vinod pandit ji,
    Lycopodium 30 roj subah ko istemal karke dekhe.

  8. Vinod Kumar Pandit says:

    Good evening sir / madam
    Mujhe penis chhota hsi. Mujhe sex karne me ghori pareshani hoti hsi. Please aap mujhe salsh fijiye.
    Koi achchi medicine hai to batsye sir.
    Mera Age 57 hai.
    Mujhe penis ko hard banana hsi.

  9. Lycopodium 30 small penis

  10. CM Jafer says:

    Please help me about medicine knowledge. Thanks.

  11. Mahendra ji,
    Please provide more medical history.

  12. Insomnia. I am not feeling sleepy at all. I have taken allopathic madicine. when stopping, again facing the same condition. Please, guide, how to get rid of this problem.

    With regards,

    Mahendra Mahato

  13. Monika basak says:

    Remedy for whitish coating on tongue along with swollen taste buds at the back of tongue?

  14. İlker says:

    Azospermi hastasiyim nasıl bir tedavi uygulamalıyım “fsh ^ lh ^
    Klinefelter sendromu
    Ben türkiye
    Bir çare arıyorum bir umut. Mucize

    Damiana Q- 20 drops in a cup of water, morning and evening.

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