ABORTIONBlumea odorata 2x, 1x Bleeding from the uterus in gushes during or after abor tion when all other remedies have failed
ABORTIONCimicifuga racemosa Q To ensure the birth of alive child in expectant motherwho are disappointed because of delivering dead children. Give 5 drops thrice dailysince fifth month onwards.
ABORTIONHelonias dioica Q Abortion with excessive bleeding and sensation of presence ofuterus with weak womb,
ABORTIONTrillium pendulum 1x Specific remedy
ABORTIONViburnum opulus Q Frequent and very early miscarriage.
ACNEArsenicum bromatum Q Acne rosacea with violent papules on nose.
ACNEBerberis aquifolium Q Pimples, dry, rough and scaly. It also clears complexion
ACNEEchinaceae angustifolia Q It is a good blood purifier
ACNEKalium bromatum 3x General medicine.
ACNENux juglans Q Pimples in young girls.
ALCOHOLISMAvena sativa Q Useful in alcoholics who are nervous and sleepless and seen to beon the verge of delirium tremens.
ALCOHOLISMPassiflora incarnata Q Restlessness and wakefulness inducing patient to drink
ALCOHOLISMSpiritus quercus glandium Q It antidotes bad effect of alcoholism. It diminishes craving for alcoholic drink and can be used safely for a long time.
ALCOHOLISMSterculia acuminata Q Promotes the appetite and digestion, and lessens thecraving for liquor.
ALCOHOLISMStrophanthus hispidus Q It diminishes craving for liquor slowly but surely.
AMENORRHEAAsoka janosia Q Specific and intercurrent remedy in all cases.
AMENORRHEAManganesium dioxydum 1x It is very efficacious in amenorrhea due to evacuing and consumption.
AMENORRHEAPulsatilla Q Phlegmatic, hot women with mild disposition, open air and cold bathing ameliorate.
AMENORRHEASecale cornutum Q Extremely hot patient, weak, thin with strong craving forcold and cold air
AMENORRHEASulphur 1x Heat general, weak subjects, aversion to bathing in winter, frequent baths in summer and desire for open air.
ANEMIAFerrum phosphoricum 2x The specific remedy.
APHONIACoca Q Loss of volce, weak vocal cords,
APHONIAGlonoinum 2x In threatened apoplexy and when apoplexy has taken place if theviolent pressure keeps on, think of this remedy-Kent.
APHONIALaurocerausus Q, 1x Specific remedy.
APHONIASenega Q Aphonia aggravated by lying and walking
ASTHMAAralia racemosa Q Asthma on lying down at night with spasmodic cough; worse after sleep, with tickling in throat.
ASTHMAAspidosperma quebracho Q Cardiac asthma. “Want of breath during exertion” is the guiding symptom.
ASTHMABlatta orientalis Q Cough with dyspnea in bronchitis and phthisis. Much pus likemucus. Acts best in stout and corpulents subject of malarial origin
ASTHMACaladium seguinum Q Catarrhal asthma. Asthma alternates with itching
ASTHMACannabis sativa Q Can breathe only when standing.
ASTHMAEriodictyon californicum Q Bronchial phthisis, with night sweat and emaciation. Asthma with coryza and mucus secretion.
ASTHMAEuphorbia pilulifera Q Humid asthma, cardiac dyspnea, hay fever and bronchi
ASTHMAGrindelia robusta Q Wheezing and oppression in bronchitic patient. Foamymucus very difficult to detach. Cannot breathe lying down.
ASTHMAMakaradhwaja Q Specially when heart is weak or affected.
ASTHMAPassiflora incarnata Q Give 1 dram as one dose in paroxysm
ASTHMASenega Q Thorax feels too narrow
BERI-BERIAbrotanum 1x This drug is effective in consumption (wasting) with peritonitis.
BERI-BERIBoerhavia diffusa Q Attack of beri-beri and dropsy in every rainy season.
BERI-BERILathyrus sativus Q, 1x Beri Beri, paralysis of lower extremities and dropsy.
BLEEDING FROM LUNGSAcalypha indica Q, 1x Hemorrhage of bright red blood in the morning and that of dark, clotted blood in the afternoon with incessant cough at night
BLEEDING FROM LUNGSBlumia odorata Q, 1x Pulmonary hemorrhage with dry, barking, sawing cough with wheezing sound, aphonia, hoarseness.
BLEEDING FROM LUNGSCynodon dactylon Q Hemorrhage from lungs while coughing.
BLEEDING FROM LUNGSEupatorium aya-pana Q, 1x  Cough in consumptive having hemorrhagic diathesis in history.
BLEEDING FROM LUNGSFucus religiosa Q, 1x Bright red blood from lungs.
BLEEDING FROM LUNGSGeranium maculatum Q Profuse pulmonary hemorrhage
BLEEDING FROM LUNGSHamamelis virginiana Q Venous blood of dark colour.
BLEEDING FROM LUNGSJustisia rubrum Q, 1x Bleeding from lungs with paroxysms of cough in phthisicalsubjects.
BLEEDING FROM LUNGSOcimum sanctum Q, 1x Phlegm, streaked with blood in early stage.
CANCERBufo rana Q Palliative in cancer of breast. Tumors and polyp of uterus.
CANCERCholesterinum 1x Cancer of liver.
CANCERCrocus sativus Q Cancer of intestine.
CANCEREchinacea angustifolia Q Last stage of cancer to ease pain.
CANCERGalium aparine Q Power of suspending or modifying cancerous action. Nodulated tumours of the tongue.
CANCERHoang-nan Q Removes foetor and hemorrhages in cancer.
CANCERHydrastis canadensis Q Cancer of soft palate and intestine.
CANCERHydrocotyle vulgaris QHydrocotyle vulgaris Q
CANCERHydrocotyle vulgaris Q Cancer of uterus.
CANCEROva tosta 3x Cancer of stomach
CANCERPhytolacca decandra Q Cancer of breast. Breast is hard, painful and of purplehue.
CANCERRuta 1x Cancer of bone.
CANCERSymphytum officinale Q Cancer due to injury or cancer of the breast.
CANCERViburnum prunifolium Q Cancer of the tongue.
CHOLERABryophyllum calycinum Q In the first stage of cholera.
CHOLERACamphora officinalis Q In the beginning or collapse stage with internal external coldness, dryness of skin, desires to be uncovered, sudden prostration.burning.
CHOLERACoffea mocha Q 10 drops every 10 minutes (only three doses) in all stages. Jatropha curcas 1x
CHOLERATrichosanthes diaica Q, 1x Neuralgia specific in all stages.
CHOREAAgaricus muscarius Q Involuntary movements while awake, ceases during sleep; chorea from single motion and jerks of single muscles to dancing of the whole body. Pas avena Q
COLICCataria nepeta Q Children’s collc. Abdominal complaints, pain, flexing of thighs,twisting of body
COLICDulcamara Q Colle from cold especially in umbilical region. Cutting pain aroundnavel
COLICMomordica balsamina Q Gripping, colic, pain in back and hypogastrium withpainful and excessive menses
COLLAPSEAconitum napellus Q, 1x Coldness of body, face cyanotic and like a corpse, great agony, restlessness, beats of heart regular with imperceptible pulse and fear of death.
COLLAPSEAconitum radix 1x Coldness and blueness of the whole body, respiration very difficult and cold, vertigo, pulse feeble and imperceptible
COLLAPSECaffeinum 1x Use it in case of heart failure. Camphora officinalis Q
COLLAPSEzincum cyanide 1x When death is inevitable.
CONSTIPATIONAbroma augusta 1x Hard, dry stools in diabetes.
CONSTIPATIONAndersonia 1x Constipation in malarial subjects.
CONSTIPATIONAzadirachta indica Q, 1x Constipation in chronic malaria.
CONSTIPATIONCastor oil One drop dose is a specific purgative. Croton tiglium. Q
CONSTIPATIONHydrastis canadensis Q Constipation dependent on congestion of the lower abdomen or when it is the result of the sedentary habit or purgative.
CORYZA (COLD)Ambrosia artemisiaefolia Q Watery coryza, sneezing, stuffed up feeling of noseand head
CORYZA (COLD)Camphora officinalis Q In the very beginning.
CORYZA (COLD)Ocimum sanctum Q Running of nose with cough.
CORYZA (COLD)Populus candicans Q Acute cold with hoarseness. Throat and nostrils burns.
CORYZA (COLD)Sambucus nigra Q Dry coryza. Snuffles of infants; nose dry and obstructed.
COUGHAbroma augusta 1x, 2x Cough with diabetes, constipation or dysmenorrhea.
COUGHBacopa monnieri Q Whooping cough.
COUGHCostanea vesca Q Whooping cough specially of early stage.
COUGHCynodon dactylon 1x With hemorrhage from lungs.
COUGHDulcamara 1x, 2x Cough worse cold, wet weather. Cough hoarse spasmodic withexcessive secretion of mucus.
COUGHJusticia adhatoda 1x General cough remedy.
COUGHJusticia rubrum Q, 1x Hemorrhage from lungs during paroxysm Makardhwaja 1x
COUGHSambucus nigra Q, 1x Suffocative cough coming on about midnight, with cryingand dyspnea.
DANDRUFFChrysophanicum acidum Q It is a very useful remedy in dandruff
DIABETESAbroma augusta Q’’ Important remedy in diabetes mellitus
DIABETESGymnema sylvestra Q Diabetes mellitus with great weakness after passage ofurine.
DIABETESSyzygium jambolanum Q Head remedy in diabetes. Great thirst with weakness and emaciation. Diabetic ulceration.
DIARRHEAAchyranthes aspera 1x, 2x Frequent painless, watery profuse. Involuntarystools with vomiting, prostration, intense thirst, thready pulse.
DIARRHEAAtista indica. Watery diarrhea during the whole period of lever
DIARRHEACamphora officinalis 2x With coldness and collapse.
DIARRHEAChaparro amargoso Q. Specific in chronic casesChaparro amargoso Q. Specific in chronic cases
DIARRHEAEucalyptus globulus Q Acute diarrheawith aching pain in bowel
DIARRHEAEuphorbium officinarum 1x Chronic diarrhea accompanied with cerebral irritation and delirium.
DIARRHEAMutha 2x Diarrhea with indigestion.
DIPHTHERIAAcenasia Q, 1x Great languor, cold sweat, fetid breath with or without hemorrhage of dark blood.
DIPHTHERIAEchinacea angustifolia Q, 1x The specific remedy
DROPSYAegle folia Q Dropsy with febrile condition.
DROPSYApocynum cannabinum 1x Dropsy with heart affections and menstrual troubles; intense thirst but water disagrees in chilly patients.
DROPSYBoerhavia diffusa or ripens Q Mother tincture in the beginning and 1x in laterstages.
DROPSYConvallaria majalis Q, 1x Dropsy due to sluggish action of heart, dyspnea, palpitation, scanty urine.
DROPSYCynodon dactylon Q Dropsy.
DROPSYHelleborus niger Q Dropsy of brain, chest, abdomen after scarlatina intermittent.
DROPSYLathyrus sativus 1x Specially in dropsy of beri-beri.
DYSENTERYAegele marmalos Q, 1x In the beginning stage.
DYSENTERYAloe Q Dysentric stools with mucus and blood with prolapsus ani, loss of controlover sphincter ani.
DYSENTERYAlstonia scholaris 1x Dysentery with diarrhea especially in malarial patients.
DYSENTERYAtista radix Q Dysentery appearing in autumn
DYSENTERYCastor oil Q One drop, to clear the bowel
DYSENTERYCephalandra indica Q, 1x Dysentery in malarial subjects;
DYSENTERYEucalyptus globulus Q Dysentery with rectal heat and tenesmus.
DYSENTERYFicus indica Q Chronic bloody dysentery
DYSENTERYHolarrhena antidysenterica Q It is worth its name
DYSMENORRHEAAbroma augusta Q Equally effective in dysmenorrhea like Abroma radix.
DYSMENORRHEAAbroma radix Q Violent pain causing shrieks and shrills.
DYSMENORRHEAAgnilegia 1x Dysmenorrhea of young girls.
DYSMENORRHEAAsoka Q When the period is over, used as an intercurrent remedy.
DYSMENORRHEACimicifuga racemosa Q, 1x More the discharge more the pain, increases with chronic uterine disorders in hysterical, sensitive women. Viburnum opulus Q
DYSMENORRHEAXanthoxylum fraxineum Q, 1x In all cases and as an alternative to Abroma.
DYSPEPSIAAlnus rubra Q Indigestion from impartial secretion of gastric juice
DYSPEPSIAAqua ptychosis 1x Used as an alternative remedy.
DYSPEPSIAAqua Q Valuable remedy in indigestion with heart burn.
DYSPEPSIACarica papaya 1x It is regarded as a patent medicine
DYSPEPSIAMutha Q Effective in indigestion, dyspepsia
DYSURIAEquisetum hyemale Q Dysuria during pregnancy and after delivery.
ELEPHANTIASISHydrocotyl asiatica Q, 1x and Anacardium 6. Have been regarded as specifics inalternation
ENLARGEMENT OF LIVERAdersonia Q, 1x Liver troubles of malarial origin with constipation. cardiac
ENLARGEMENT OF LIVERAsai Q, 1x Liver affection in last stage of Kala azar where cerebral and affections predominate.
ENLARGEMENT OF LIVERAzadirachta indica Q, 1x cases of suppressed malaria with quinine
ENLARGEMENT OF LIVERCarduus marianus Q Torpid liver, a specific remedy in all cases.
ENLARGEMENT OF LIVERCarica papaya Q, 1x When dyspepsia is a prominent affection.
ENLARGEMENT OF LIVERCeanothus americ. Q In the enlargement of liver and spleen.
ENLARGEMENT OF LIVERchlorodendron infortunats Q, 1x Liver enlarged with complaints of worm, diarrhea and intermittent fever.
ENLARGEMENT OF LIVERKalmegh Q, 1x Specific for an infantile liver and liver affections of kala azar.
ENLARGEMENT OF LIVERLeucus aspera Q, 1x Chronic malaria with enlarged liver, loss of appetite.
ENLARGEMENT OF LIVERQuinia indica Q Intermitent fever with liver troubles.
ENLARGEMENT OF SPLEENAzadirachta ind. Q, Asia Q, Andersonia Q, Quinia indica Q, ChlorodendronAzadirachta ind. Q, Asia Q, Andersonia Q, Quinia indica Q, Chlorodendron
ENLARGEMENT OF SPLEENCalotropis lactum Specially in cases having presence or history of syphiliticpoison.
ENLARGEMENT OF SPLEENCarica papaya 1x Spleen enlargement in dyspeptics.
ENLARGEMENT OF SPLEENCeanothus americanus Q, 1x Specific remedy in enlargement of spleen. The more enormously large is the spleen, the more Ceanothus is beneficial
ENLARGEMENT OF SPLEENinfortunata Q and Leucus aspera Q They do cure splenic affection if attended with malarial fever specially when suppressed by quinine.
ENLARGEMENT OF SPLEENLeucus aspera Q, 1x With loss of voice.
ENLARGEMENT OF SPLEENLuffa amara and Luffa bindal Enlarged spleen and liver.
ENLARGEMENT OF UTERUSFraxinus americana Q, 1x It is specific for enlargement of uterus.
ENURESISEquisetum hyemaleQ, 1x It cures the habit of wetting the bed when Sepia, Causticum etc. fail
EPILEPSYAbsinthium Q Used in epileptiform seizures. Nervous tremors precede attacks.
EPILEPSYBufo rana Q Epilepsy during sleep at night, during menses. Epilepsy due tomasturbation.
EPILEPSYOenanthe crocata Q It is also specific remedy in all stages.
EPILEPSYPas avena Q When nervous pains and irritation is prominent.
EPILEPSYPassiflora incarnata Q To induce sleep and pacify cerebellum.
EPILEPSYVeratrum viride 1x With rush of blood to head, pulse strong, red line in the middle of tongue.
EPISTAXISAmbrosia artemisiafolia Q Nose bleed.
EPISTAXISFicus religiosa Q Epistaxis of bright red blood.
EPISTAXISMillefolium Q Nose bleed of bright red blood.
EXOSTOSISThyroidinum 1x Exostosis of bone of face and extremities due to excessive activity of pituitary gland
EYE AFFECTIONSEuphrasia Q, 1x. It is very efficacious in acute eye affections, traumatic conjunc tivitis, blepharitis, and corneal ulcer.
FEMALE TROUBLESAletris farinosa Q Valuable remedy for curing uterine disorders. Useful in prolapse uteri.
FEMALE TROUBLESFraxinus americana Q Used in enlargement of the uterus
FEMALE TROUBLESSalix nigra Q Ovarian pain before and during menses, leucorrhea
FEMALE TROUBLESThlaspi bursa pastoris Q Metrorrhagia, hemorrhage with violent uterine collc
FEMALE TROUBLESTrillium pendulum 2x To check bleeding of abortion very quickly.
FEMALE TROUBLESViburnum opulus Q It is very beneficial in spasmodic dysmenorrhea.
FLATULENCYAletris indica Q Flatulency temporarily relieved by eructations. Fucus vesiculosus Q
GALL STONES AND BILLARY COLICAtista india Q Useful in biliary colic.
GALL STONES AND BILLARY COLICBerberis vulgaris Q, 1x When urinary symptoms are prominent, affections ofleft kidney, renal colic.
GALL STONES AND BILLARY COLICCactus grandiflorus Q, 1x Gall stone or renal colic with constriction and cardiacaffections.
GALL STONES AND BILLARY COLICCarduus marianus Q When liver is prominently affected with torpidity, constipation, etc.
GALL STONES AND BILLARY COLICChionanthus virginica Q, 1x Associated with constant pain under right shoul
GALL STONES AND BILLARY COLICCholesterinum 1x Specific remedy to be used independently or in alternationwith other remedies.
GALL STONES AND BILLARY COLICDioscorea villosa Q, 1x When pain ameliorates on bending backward.
GALL STONES AND BILLARY COLICHydrastis canadensis Q Gall stones; liver torpid, tender.
GALL STONES AND BILLARY COLICLuffa bindal Q Gall stone colic and other biliary affection.
GALL STONES AND BILLARY COLICStigmata maydis Q, 1x Relieves at once the violent pain if given during paroxysm.
GASTRIC ULCERGeranium maculatum Ulceration of stomach; lessens the vomiting in gastriculcer.
GASTRIC ULCEROrnithogalum umbellatum A single Dose of Q, 2 drops acts wonderfully in gastric ulcer
GLANDULAR AFFECTIONBaryta iodata 1x Indurated gland, especially tonsils and breast.
GOITREFucus vesiculosus Q, 1x Goitre in subjects with obesity.
GOITRElodium 1x Internally and externally acts like a patent medicine.
GOITREThyroidinum 1x Internally and externally acts like a patent medicine.
GONORRHEAAgave americana Q Painful erection in gonorrhea, strangury.
GONORRHEACannabis sativa Q, 1x Patients walk with legs wide apart.
GONORRHEAColeus aromaticus Q, 1x With hematuria, nephritis or cystitis, discharge of
GONORRHEACubeba officinalis Q, 1x Thick yellow pus during micturition.
GONORRHEAVesicaria communis Q, 1x Specific remedy in all cases.
HAIR COMPLAINTSAmalaki Q Grey hair. It turns grey hair to complete blackness. Ceanothus americanus Q
HAIR COMPLAINTSJaborandi Q It is good hair restorer and blackens white hair.
HEADACHEAsclepias tuberosa Q Sick headache with flatulency in stomach and bowels.
HEADACHECannabis indica Q Violent hemicranial pain.
HEADACHEChionanthus virginica Q Dull frontal headache, chiefly over eye.
HEADACHEDesmodium gangeticum Q Headache with sensation of binding with a tape.
HEADACHEGlonoinum 1x Headache after sun exposure.
HEADACHEPas avena Q Headache with nervousness. Sanguinaria canadensis Q
HEADACHETongo odorata QNeuralgic headache
HEADACHEUsnea barbata Q Congestive headache.
HEART AFFECTIONSAconitum napellus Q Weakness of heart with regular beat and imperceptible
HEART AFFECTIONSAdonis vernalis Q Important heart remedy. It regulates the pulse, increases the contracting power of the heart.
HEART AFFECTIONSArjun Q Great heart tonic. “Feeling as if something has prevented the movementof heart and it would stop beating at any moment
HEART AFFECTIONSCactus grandiflorus Q, 1x Rheumatic heart with sense of constriction as ifscrewed with iron hand; affection of left upper extremity.
HEART AFFECTIONSCaffeinum 1x Threatening heart failure due to frequent motion.
HEART AFFECTIONSCoccus cacti Q, 1x Perverted action of the heart, stinging pain in the heart.
HEART AFFECTIONSConvallaria majalis Q Valvular disease specially mitral pericardial adhesions.
HEART AFFECTIONSCrataegus oxyacanta Q It is the specific remedy for all kinds of cardiac affection
HEART AFFECTIONSIberis amara Q Conscious of heart action Stitching pain as of needle. Palpitationwith vertigo.
HEART AFFECTIONSLaurocerasus Q Cyanosis and dyspnea worse sitting up.
HEART AFFECTIONSMakardhwaja Q, 1x General tonic of heart, weak pulse.
HEART AFFECTIONSStrophanthus hispidus Q Mitrai regurgitation, where edema and dropsy havesupervened.
HEMORRHAGECinnamonum Q Hemorrhage from bowels, hemoptysis, nose bleed, etc.
HEMORRHAGECynodon dactylon Q, 1x Hemorrhages from all orifices.
HEMORRHAGEEupatorium cyanapium Q Useful in bleeding from lungs.
HEMORRHAGEFicus indica Q Successfully arrest hemorrhage from piles, mouth or throat, inchronic bloody dysentery.
HEMORRHAGEFicus religiosa Q, 1x Bright red blood from any orifice of body. Ferrum phosphoricum 2x
HEMORRHAGEGeranium maculatum Q To check instantly any kind of bleeding. Can be used inalternation with Ferrum phos.
HEMORRHAGEHamamelis virginiana Q, 1x Dark blood
HEMORRHAGEMangifera indica Q General remedy for passive hemorrhage.
HEMORRHAGEMillefolium Q Very useful for various type of hemorrhage. Blood bright red.
HEMORRHAGIC DYSENTERYAloe Q, 1x Mucus and blood with prolapsus ani and loss of power of sphincterresulting in involuntary discharges.
HEMORRHAGIC DYSENTERYAtista radix Q, 1x When emission of blood is prominent.
HEMORRHAGIC DYSENTERYBaptisia tinctoria 1x When dysentery assumes a typhoidand protration.
HEMORRHAGIC DYSENTERYCastor oil 1x One drop dose given to clear the bowel
HEMORRHAGIC DYSENTERYCephalandra indica Q, 1x Mucus and blood, green stools, with pain in navel region when all other remedies have failed.
HEMORRHAGIC DYSENTERYEupatorium ayapana Q, 1x In hemorrhagic diathesis.
HEMORRHAGIC DYSENTERYVaccininum metallicum Gangrenous stage of intestines, dysentery with foulblood.
HICCOUGHGinseng quinquefolium Q, 1x It is the specific remedy, viburnum
HICCOUGHprunifolium Q Obstinate hiccough.
HIGH BLOOD PRESSURENux vom. 1x Indyspeptics
HIGH BLOOD PRESSURERauwolfia serpentina Q, 1x Specific remedy
HYDROPHOBIAEchinacea angustifolia Q It is a specific remedy.
HYSTERIACamphora officinalis Q Let the patient smell it to arouse from swoon.
HYSTERIACastoreum canadense Q General remedy for hysteria. Nervous women who do not recover fully, but are continually irritable, and suffer from debilitating sweat.
HYSTERIAMoschus Q A general remedy.
HYSTERIAPassiflora incarnata Q To induce sleep. Valeriana officinalis Q
IMPOTENCYAvena sativa Q, Damiana Q and Ashwagandha Q Important medicines in impo tency, spermatorrhea and nervous debility
IMPOTENCYCamphora officinalis Q It is great stimulant but constant use causes impotency. Cantharis vesicatoria Q
INDIGESTIONAlnus rubra Q It is useful for impartial secretion of gastric juice.
INDIGESTIONAqua ptychosis Q It is valuable remedy in digestive disorders, indigestion, dys pepsla, flatulency and diarrhea.
INDIGESTIONCarica papaya Q Useful in indigestion and enlarged liver.
INDIGESTIONCondurango Q It stimulates the digestive functions and improves the generalhealth
INJURYBellis perennis Q. Injuries to the deeper tissues and nerves
INJURYHypericum perforatum Q Great remedy for injuries to nerves especially of fingers, toes and nails.
INJURYSymphytum officinale Wound penetrates to perineum and bones. Excellent remi edy for sprains and bruises
INSANITYPassiflora incarnata Q To induce sleep.
INSANITYRauwolfia serpentina Q, 1x Specific remedy.
INSOMNIAAbsinthium Q Sleeplessness due to nervous excitement
INSOMNIAAvena sativa Q In insomnia with despondency.
INSOMNIAPassiflora incarnata Q 60 drops in an ounce of hot water at 8 p.m. and if neededrepeat at 9 p.m.
JAUNDICEBerberis vulgaris Q If associated with kidney troubles originating in left kidney.
JAUNDICEBoerhavia erecta slight pain in hepatic region on touch and better by hardpressure.
JAUNDICECarduus marianus Q A specific remedy.
JAUNDICECornus circinata Q Chronic malaria, hepatitis and jaundice, weakness inmorning.
JAUNDICEKalmegh Q Jaundice especially of childrens.
JAUNDICEMyrica cerifera Q Dull pain in region of the liver Complete Jaundice, with bronze
JAUNDICEyellow skin.yellow skin.
KALA AZARAsai Q, 1x In the last stage of Kala azar with hematuria, bloody stool and affec tions of brain and heart are prominent.
KALA AZARCarduus marianus Q If liver complaints are prominent.
KALA AZARCeanothus americanus Q To reduce the size of enlarged spleen.
KALA AZARKalmegh Q, 1x It is a specific remedy.
LABOUR PAINCaulophyllum thalictroides Q, 1x Ensures painless delivery if given twice since
LABOUR PAINGelsemium sempervirens Q, 1xseventh month. If given during labour it ensures safe delivery. False labour pains, pains shoot up instead of bearing down.
LABOUR PAINPassiflora incarnata Q To reduce intolerable pain.
LEPROSYAnacardium orientale Q, 1x Leprosy. Calotropis gigantea Q, 1x
LEPROSYHoang-nan Q Leprosy.
LEPROSYHydrocotyl asiatica Q. 1x. Red spot, circular points with scaly edges
LEPROSYHygrophila spinosa Q, 1x. Deep ulcers of leprosy
LEPROSYJenocordia adorata Q, 1x Useful in leprosy in beginning stage
LEUCORRHEAAbroma augusta Leucorrhea specially attended with dysmenorrhea
LEUCORRHEAAletris farinosa Q, 1x Leucorrhea attended with weakness of uterus and generaldebility
LEUCORRHEAAlnus rubra Q Leucorrhea with erosion of cervix.
LEUCORRHEAAralia racemosa Q Leucorrhea foul smelling, acrid with pressing down pain.
LEUCORRHEAAsoka Q Useful in chronic leucorrhea associated with sterility
LEUCORRHEACubeba officinalis 2x Leucorrhea in little girls
LEUCORRHEAOva toasta 1x Leucorrhea with constant backache
LEUCORRHEAVirburnum opulus and Viburnum prunifolium Q Specially in those who are has
LIVER DISORDERBerberis vulgaris Short, sudden, stabbing, puncturing type of pain in liverregion.
LIVER DISORDERCarduus marianus Q Pain in region of liver. Left lobe very sensitive.
LIVER DISORDERChelidonium majus Q A prominent remedy for enlarged liver.
LIVER DISORDERChelone glabra Q Liver affection with pain or soreness of left lobe of the liver andextending downward
LIVER DISORDERchionanthus americana Q Liver sore, enlarged with jaundice and constipation.
LIVER DISORDERLuffa amara Q Enlarged liver.
LIVER DISORDERNyctanthes arbortristis Q Pain in liver, stitching pain in hepatic region on pressure with deep red urine.
MALE COMPLAINTSBufo Q Spasm during coition. Seeking a solitary place for masturbation.
MALE COMPLAINTSJacaranda Q It is very efficacious in the priapism of penis.
MALE COMPLAINTSNuphar luteum Q Complete absence of sexual desire. Impotency with involuntary emissions.
MALE COMPLAINTSSalix nigra Q Great sexual tonic for males. It cures nocturnal emission, spermatorrhea and impotence.
MALE COMPLAINTSSenecio aureus Q Lascivious dreams, with Involuntary emissions. Heavy pain inspermatic cord extending to testicles.
MALE COMPLAINTSThymolum 1x Priapism.
MALE COMPLAINTSTribulus terrestris Q Partial impotency caused by auto traumatism of mastur bation and advancing age.
MARASMUSAbrotanum 1x Marasmus ascending from feet upward with constant distensionand acidity
MARASMUSAlfalfa Q It is highly efficacious in marasmus and greatly increases weight.
MARASMUSPinus silvestris Q Useful in treatment of weak ankles and tardiness in walking, in scrofulous and rachitic children.
MENINGITISDesmodium gangeticum Q Cerebro-spinal meningitis.
MENINGITISEchinacea angustifolia Q In cerebro-spinal meningitis cold compresses of the lotion of this drug should be used. Internally give it every 2 hourly in 5 to 10 dropdoses.
MENINGITISHelleborus niger Q It is of great service in meningitis-acute cerebro-spinal, tubercular with exudation and cephalic cry. Rolls head day and night.
MENINGITISInflammation of the membranes of the spinal cord or brain.Inflammation of the membranes of the spinal cord or brain.
MENINGITISPassiflora incarnata Q In meningitis it pacifies the mental troubles and inducessleep.
MUMPSTrifolium repens Prophylactic medicine against mumps.
NERVOUS DEBILITYcerefolius Q, 1x Specially in old people with prostatic abnormality.
NERVOUS DEBILITYMica Q, 1x If due to excessive loss of blood and vital fluids.
NERVOUS DEBILITYOriganum majorana Q, 1x If attended with excessive sexual excitement.
NERVOUS DEBILITYPas avena Q It maintains neural equilibrium
NERVOUS DEBILITYSalix nigra Q, 1x Debility due to spermatorrhea.
NERVOUS DEBILITYVerebena officinalis Q Useful in nervous depression and weakness.
NIGHT BLINDNESSPhysostigminum Q, 1x Specific remedy. Also give cod liver oil.
OBESITY, FATNESS, CORPULENCYAesculentine Q Another great fat reducer. May be alternated with Phytoline.
OBESITY, FATNESS, CORPULENCYFucus vesiculosis Q, 1x If attended with indigestion and flatulence.
OBESITY, FATNESS, CORPULENCYPhytolacca berry Q Attended with difficulty in walking, sitting, palpitation, dys pnea on the least exertion, nausea, eructations. A great fat reducer.
OPIUM POISONINGAvena sativa Q Avena sativa will get rid him of the morphine (oplum) habit and increase and add new vigour in his exhausted nervous system. It is advisable to take a single dose of Plumbus 200 for removing ailments due to long and constant use of opium.
OPIUM POISONINGBelladonna Q In Opium poisoning when the patient is unconscious and drifting towards death, give Belladonna 1, 10 drops in an ounce of hot water every half an hour and oftenner. Then give vinegar in hot water. Avold sleep. In stiff-neck when the pain comes and goes like electric shock with intermittency Belladonna 1x, 21
PALPITATION OF HEARTAsparagus officinalis Q, 1x Palpitation with oppression of chest. Great oppression in breathing.
PALPITATION OF HEARTAvena sativa Q If due to seminal losses and nervous breakdown.
PALPITATION OF HEARTCrataegus oxyacanta Q Specific remedy. Extreme dyspnea on least exertion.
PARALYSISGelsemium sempervirens Q, 1x Specially useful in paralysis when affection is of single group of muscles more especially about the mouth, eyes, throat, larynx, chest, extremities and sphincter.
PARALYSISLathyrus sativus 1x Paralytic affections of lower extremities. Rheumaticparalysis.
PARALYSISNux vomica Q, 1x in the beginning of paralytic condition threatening tetanus.
PARALYSISStrychninum phosphoricum Q, 1x If used in the very commencement arrest the development of paralysis and cures if used constantly for a considerably longer period.
PHTHISISAbrotanum Q, 1x Pulmonary affections, rapid and great emaciation though eating well and ravenous hunger, emaciation ascending from feet upward, chilly, burning in stomach with indigestion and lack of assimilation.
PHTHISISAcalypha indica Q, 1x Hemorrhage of bright red blood in the morning with that of dark and clotted blood in the afternoon, teasing incessant cough at night.
PHTHISISBlumea odorata Q, 1x Of great service in phthisis with dry, barking, sawing cough, wheezing respiration, aphonia, hoarseness having history of hemorrhagicdiathesis.
PHTHISISCyndon dactylon 1x In prominently hemorrhagic cases.
PHTHISISEupatorium ayapana Q, 1x Bleeding from lungs with cough in consumption.
PHTHISISFicus religiosa Q, 1x Hemorrhage of bright red blood from lungs. Hamamelis virginiana Q, 1x
PHTHISISJusticia rubrum Q, 1x Profuse hemorrhage from lungs with violent cough
PHTHISISNatrium arsenicosum Q, 1x Where symptoms of Natrium muriaticum and Arsenicum have combined.
PHTHISISNux juglans Q, 1x Cough, aphonia, heaviness in chest, distentsion and hardnessof abdomen, diarrhea, indigestion, glandular swelling with pus in axilla and itsvicinity.
PHTHISISOccimum sanctum Q, 1x First stage of consumption with slight fever, distress ing dry cough, expectoration of phlegm streaked with blood.
PILESAloe Q Hemorrhoid protrude like grapes, sore and tender.
PILESBlumea odorata It has got reputation in bleeding piles.
PILESCarduus marianus Q Hemorrhagic piles.
PILESFicus religiosa Q Bleeding piles of bright red colour.
PILESHamamelis virginiana Q Hemorrhoids with bruised soreness of affected parts.
PILESSedum acre Q Hemorrhoids pain like those of anal fissures.
PIT OF POXSerracenia purpurea Q It is a specific remedy to fill up the pits and scars causedby smallpox
PIT OF POXVariolinum In high potency is another specific.
PROSTATE GLAND HYPERTROPHYAvena sativa Enlargement of prostate with sexual debility and nervous.
PROSTATE GLAND HYPERTROPHYchimaphila umbellata Prostatic enlargement with irritation.
PROSTATE GLAND HYPERTROPHYSabal serrulata Enlargement of prostatic gland leads to impotency and loss of power of expulsion of urine.
PTYALISMTrifolium pratense Q Feeling of fullness with congestion followed by copiousflow of saliva,
PUERPERAL FEVERAsoka Q To regulate the discharge of lochia
PUERPERAL FEVEREchinacea angustifolia Q Specific for puerperal fever.
RENAL DISORDERSBerberis vulgaris Q Renal colic. Burning soreness or bubbling in kidney region.
RENAL DISORDERSColeus aromaticus Q Useful in suppression and retention of urine due to inactivity of the kidney and bladder. Beneficial in nephritis and cystitis.
RENAL DISORDERSEel Serum 7X The presence of albumin and renal elements in the urine, the hemoglobinuria, together with the results of the autopsy, plainly demonstrate its elective action on the kidneys. Secondarily, the liver and the heart are affected, and the alterations observed are those usually present in infectious diseases. (5 drops two times in a day), If skin disease also use Sulphur 200C once in week.
RENAL DISORDERSFluid cerefolius Q It is of great service in nephritis, bright’s disease, and renaldropsy.
RENAL DISORDERSPareira brava Q Very beneficial in renal colic. Difficult micturition with red sandor brick dust in the urine.
RHEUMATISM AND GOUTApocynum androsaemifolium Q Rheumatic pain of wandering nature, much stiffness and drawing
RHEUMATISM AND GOUTArbutus andrachne Q Arthritis, symptoms shifts from skin to joints.
RHEUMATISM AND GOUTAsclepias syriaca Q Acute rheumatic inflammation of large joints.
RHEUMATISM AND GOUTBelladonna Q, 1x In stiffness and acute affection when the pain comes and goeslike electric shock, worse on touch and movement.
RHEUMATISM AND GOUTDulcamara 1x Rheumatism alternates with diarrhea. Rheumatic symptomsafter acute skin eruptions.
RHEUMATISM AND GOUTFranciscaea uniflora Q Chronic stiffness of the muscle. Gonorrhealrheumatism.
RHEUMATISM AND GOUTGuaiacum Q, 1x Chronic rheumatism of upper extremities and in lumbago..
RHEUMATISM AND GOUTHymosa Q In acute febrile stage.
RHEUMATISM AND GOUTJacaranda caroba Q Gonorrheal and syphilitic arthritis. Morning soreness andstiffness of muscle.
RHEUMATISM AND GOUTPassiflora incarnata Q To reduce pain and induce sleep.
RHEUMATISM AND GOUTUrtica urens Q Rheumatism alternates with nettle rash.
RHEUMATISM AND GOUTViscum album Q Rheumatism of joints of gonorrheal origin specially in women
SPASMSCamphora officinalis Q Spasms with dryness, internal heat and external coldness threatening collapse.
SPASMSPassiflora incarnata Q Specific remedy to relieve all kinds of spasms.
SPERMATORRHEAAswagandha Q When mental weakness is prominent.
SPERMATORRHEAAvena sativa Q One of the best medicines for mental, nervous, physical and seminal weakness.
SPERMATORRHEABellis perennis Q Spermatorrhea associated with vertigo.
SPERMATORRHEADamiana Q Similar as Avena and may be used alternately.
SPERMATORRHEAFicus indica Q When nocturnal emission is prominent
SPERMATORRHEAMakaradwaja Q If associated with cardiac weakness.
SPERMATORRHEANuphar luteum Q Nocturnal emission, impotency, early ejaculation and all affection dependent on them.
SPERMATORRHEASabal serrulata Q When enlargement of prostate is associated with spermatorthea.
SPERMATORRHEASalix nigra Q When Impotence is prominent in spermatorrhea.
SUPPRESSION OF URINECamphora officinalis Q Suppression of urine and all discharges, dry skin, aversion to covering internal heat, faintness and imperceptible pulse
SUPPRESSION OF URINEColeus aromaticus Specific remedy.
SYPHILISCalotropis gigantea Q, 1x In syphilis of advanced stage, resulting in leprosy ofgangrenous type.
SYPHILISCascara amara Q Prominent remedy in syphilis and may be alternated with Echinacea.
SYPHILISCorydalis formosa Q Syphilitic affections. Ulcers of mouth and fauces.
SYPHILISCynodon dactylon Q, 1x Specially in secondary syphilis with hemorrhagic diathesis and urinary troubles.
SYPHILISEchinacea angustifolia Q In all kinds and stages of syphilis.
SYPHILISHemidesmus indica Q Very useful in syphilitic and other manifestation due to abuse of mercury associated with indigestion and loss of appetite.
SYPHILISKalium iodatum 1x Syphilis suppressed in hot and sensitive patients.
TETANUSHypericum perforatum Q Specially when injury to sentient nerves has causedtetanus.
TETANUSNux vomica Q Just in the beginning.
TETANUSPassiflora incarnata Q Immediately relieves pain and tension.
TETANUSStrychninum purum Q Acts like a patent medicine if given in the very onset.
TOOTHACHEPlantago major Q Toothache and is sensitive and sore to touch.
TREMORSAgaricus muscarius Q Associated with chorea and uterine disorders,
TREMORSNux vomica Q Specially in persons of sedentary habits.
TREMORSTarentula hispanica Q In tremor and uneasiness of limbs with cardiac or urinarytroubles.
TUBERCULOSISOcimum sanctum 1x It is very efficacious in the first stage of consumption withslight fever.
TUMOURChimaphila umbellata Q Chronic cystitis and violent pain. Tumour of breast.
TUMOURCondurango Q Tumours of cancerous dyscrasia.
TUMOURFraxinus americana Q Useful for uterine tumours, fibrous growths and distressing backache.
TUMOURRuta Q Very efficacious in gangrenous tumours or cancer of the uterus.
TUMOURThuja occidentalis Q In sycotic subjects.
TUMOURydrastis canadensis Q In putrid tumours, threatening cancer.
TYPHOIDBaptisia tinctoria Q Efficacious in putrid fever in typhoid stage with foul smell in breath and body.
TYPHOIDEchinacea angustifolia Q In typhold fever it strongly acts as an anti-septicintestine and as a tonic.
UNCONSCIOUSNESSAmylenum nitricum Q Due to intense pain.
UNCONSCIOUSNESSCamphora officinalis Q Sudden fainting and unconsciousness with collapse etc. Moschus Q
UTERINE DISORDERSAletris farinosa Q General tonic and reformer of uterine troubles, Asoka jonosia
UTERINE DISORDERSHelonias dioicaQ Uterine tonic. It is of great service in excessive uterine hemor rhage. Prolapse of uterus, leucorrhea.
UTERINE DISORDERSHydrastis canadensis Q Cancerous tumour of the uterus or leucorrheal dis charges thick and yellow.
UTERINE DISORDERSViburnum opulus Q Useful in all uterine ailments in women who are habituated to early abortion and dysmenorrhea
VARICOSE VEINCarduus marianus Q Valcose vein and varicose ulcers complicated with the disease of spleen and cancer.Carduus marianus Q Valcose vein and varicose ulcers complicated with the disease of spleen and cancer.
VARICOSE VEINHamamelis virginiana Q It is useful remedy in venous congestion, varicose vein.
VOMITINGAmygdalus persica Q Vomiting of various kinds, constant nausea and vomiting.morning sickness of pregnancy
VOMITINGAsarum europium 3x Nausea aggravated after eating. Vomiting with diarrheaand colic. It is of great service in pregnancy of early months in vomiting
VOMITINGcomplaints of vomiting of profuse mucuscomplaints of vomiting of profuse mucus
VOMITINGGaultharia procumbans Q Acute gastritis, prolonged vomiting notwithstanding irritable stomach
VOMITINGLobelia inflata Q Chronicprostration after vomiting
VOMITINGSymphoricarpous racemosus Q Nausea during menstruation. Persistent vomiting of pregnancy
WHOOPING COUGHCastanea vulgaris Q Useful in whooping cough, especially in the early stage,
WHOOPING COUGHDrosera rotundifolia Q, 1x Most important remedy in whooping cough.
WHOOPING COUGHDulcamara 1x Whooping cough with excessive secretion of mucus.
WORMSAtista radix Q General worm complaints.
WORMSCina Q, 1x Worm infestation with itching at the anus, grinding of teeth at night. clerodendron Q, 1x
WORMSEmbelia ribes Q Beneficial remedy in all abnormalities dependent on worms es
WORMSSantoninum 1x Worms specially Ascarius and threadworm. Vernonia antihelmintica Q