glandular swellings


bladder problems

incised wounds (after surgery)

skin problems

This is a remedy that we have found has helped children who are extremely sensitive from a very early age and are often introverted. It is usually prescribed constitutionally, based on observations of the child’s typical behaviour

Children who need Staphysagria take things very much to heart and can get upset and cry after the slightest reprimand. They can weep easily, though they usually tend to suppress their feelings. The exception to this will be the occasional outburst of anger and indignation, during which they

will throw things.

Their anxiety may show itself in the form of bedwetting This often happens when they are under stress, for example if they are being bullied at school. In other cases the anxiety may show itself in the development of skin problems

If a child has a history of being teased, humiliated, involved in quarrels or exposed to any other kind of upset, in addition to suffering from a more obvious physical problem, a homoeopath might consider this remedy to help to ease the child’s troubles.

Physically, any areas that are sore are worse for the least touch may indicate Staphysagria. In a sense, a child needing Staphysagria does not like to be ‘touched’ (physically or emotionally) wherever she feels most vulnerable.