Nosebleeds are a frequent problem in children. The following remedies are for simple nosebleeds caused by injury, not for recurrent nosebleeds, Trauma to the nose includes blows, nose-picking and sticking foreign bodies up the nose. Nosebleeds can also be associated with coughs and/or fevers. See therelevant sections for this. If the problem is a chronic, recurrent one, seck pro fessional homoeopathic help.


great fear and anxiety with bleeding

Potency and Repetition

One dose every 10 to 15 minutes for three or four doses. The first dose may alleviate your child’s fear, if the bleeding persists, follow this treatment with one of the following:

Arnica montana

nosebleed after blows, injuries

Potency and Repetition

One dose of Arnica 30 every 10 to 15 minutes for three to four doses


if Arnica fails

bleeding caused by violent blowing of the nose

Potency and Repetition

One dose of Phosphorus 30 every 15 to 30 minutes (depending on the severity of the bleeding) for three or four doses.


1 Pinch the soft part of the nose (just below the bony part) for 10 minutes. As you do this, have your child lean forward over a table. If the bleeding per sists, repeat

2 Make sure there is nothing up your child’s nose. If there is, remove it your self or seek help in getting it removed.

3 An ice pack may help stop the bleeding

4 Make sure your child doesn’t lie in a position that will allow her to swallow the blood.

5 A tissue soaked in Hamamelis (witch hazel) mother tincture and insertedin the nose may help stop the bleeding.


1 If profuse bleeding persists

2 If there is any other bruising accompanying the nosebleed for example if your child has had a fall, recurrent nosebleeds can be a sign of concussion