Mouth Problems

Mouth Problems


Some children seem to have a tendency to mouth ulcers Other contributing factors can be fatigue, exams, family stress, and fever Although the follow ing remedies may help with an attack, constitutional treatment will often prove necessary. Consult a professional homoeopath

Your child will probably complain of a burning, tingling feeling in his mouth. If you look inside you may see little, swollen white ulcers with redborders


This shows up as white or creamy coloured patches in the mouth. It is par ticularly common in young bables. The tongue and the insides of the mouth may swell, causing considerable distress Homoeopathy can be very helpful with this

Depending on the symptoms, there are some remedies that can be used to treat both mouth ulcers and thrush. We have grouped them together here for

your convenience.

Antimonium crudum

thick milky white coating on the tongue

Arsenicum album

raw red or bluish burning ulcers, made better for warm drinks

child is restless, anxious, craves company


one of the most frequently used remedies for both conditions

results are especially marked for ulcers

marked fear of downward motion

pain in the mouth when sucking or eating

hot ulcers which may bleed


when the symptoms of the remedy are present (see Materia Medica)

child is irritable, nothing satisfies him

loose stool

Kall muriaticum

white ulcers or thrush if there are no clear symptoms to guide you to one of the other remedies

especially indicated at the beginning of an attack

tongue may be patchy, with a grey or white coating at the base

Mercurius vivus

offensive breath, sore mouth

lots of salivation; dribbles on the pillow


painful and burning mouth ulcers, especially if other remedies havenot helped

offensive mouth odour (when there are no other symptoms and Mer curius vivus has been given but has not helped)

Potency and Repetition

One dose of 12C or 30C every three hours for four to six doses. Once you notice the beginnings of improvement, stop the treatment or increase the length of time between doses.


Gargle with a solution of 20 drops of Calendula lotion to half a cup of sterilized water. You may use golden seal (Hydrastis) instead of Calendula if you prefer Golden seal is sometimes a very effective mouth wash for these conditions.


1 If the ulcers or thrush keep coming back.

2 If the condition is extremely severe and painful.

3 If pus starts to be produced.