How Homoeopathic Remedies Are Prepared

How Homoeopathic Remedies Are Prepared

Hahnemann was not entirely satisfied with having discovered the concept of ‘similar medicine. Even though people recovered with his homoeopathic treatments, some patients got worse before they got better.

He wondered if the doses he was prescribing were too large. He decided to

dilute the substances, and found that they still worked, though still not as

well as he’d hoped. He now had an inspiration. He decided to dilute, then vigorously shake the homoeopathic preparations rather than stir them.

To his surprise, and certainly to his satisfaction, the results were better. than ever. This new methodology helped to speed up patients’ recovery.

This was astonishing to Hahnemann. Here were substances that when highly diluted reached a point where they stopped having any effect, but which when shaken (or as he called it, succussed) brought about cure. Medicines prepared in this way became known as potentized remedies. This method of dilution and auscussion became the basis for the preparation of homoeopathic medicines to this day. All remedies are prepared by ho moeopathic pharmacies according to the strict specifications described by Hahnemann.

After much experimentation Hahnemann standardized two scales of preparation. One scale is known as the decimal scale, the other as the cen tesimal scale. Within both these scales a remedy’s strength is listed by a number (6, 12 or 30) following the name of the remedy. The decimal scale is indicated by an X, as in 6X or 12X; the centesimal scale is classified with ei ther a C, CH, or nothing following the potency number

These numbers represent the extent to which the remedy is diluted and succussed. The higher the number, the less of the actual material amount of the substance is present in the remedy

As a result of this process Hahnemann was able to make use of very minute amounts of various substances. This allowed him to experiment with a variety of sources from the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms. It even allowed him to use poisonous substances without any toxic effect.

Potentization is one of the great mysteries of homoeopathy. However, it is important to understand that what makes a remedy homoeopathic is not the potentization, but the fact that it is given according to the law of similars.

Potentization has caused many people to dismiss homoeopathy. To the logically minded doctor or scientist, it seems impossible that something so very diluted can trigger a specific healing reaction. With the latest advances in quantum physics it seems inevitable that this mystery will be solved in the not too distant future.