German Measles (Rubella)

German Measles (Rubella)

This disease has a four-to 21-day period of incubation (that is, the time

between when the disease is contracted and symptoms begin to appear). Common symptoms are mild fever, malaise, and occasional joint aches One to five days later a pinkish rash spreading from the face to the trunk appears. This rash usually lasts from one to three days. There can be swollen

glands at the back of the neck under the hair line. Farache and headaches may be present but are unusual This disease is so mild that it can be presentyet hardly be noticed.


German measles rarely needs any specific treatment, but if your child isdistressed because of the fever a few doses of Ferrum phosphoricum 12C may be given

The only symptoms that may need to be treated are rare complications such as caraches

The main danger with rubella is if a mother-to-be contracts it during her pregnancy. Avoid coming into contact with any child with rubella if you are pregnant, particularly during the first three months