Eye Problems

Eye Problems

Mild eye complaints can be treated at home. It is important, however, to remember how delicate the eyes are. If you are the least bit uncertain, seek professional help immediately.


This is also known as pink eye or sticky eye. It is an inflammation of the del icate lining that covers the eyeball. It can be caused by allergy or infection.

Allergic pink eye can be brought on by pollen, dust, chlorine in swimming pools, chemicals and pollution. The eye becomes itchy, red and weepy.

Infectious pink eye can have either a bacterial or viral cause.

In both cases the eyes are red and itchy. Viral conjunctivitis is accompa nied by a clear, thin discharge; the bacterial kind produces a thick, creamy discharge.

Your child may come home complaining of a gritty, sandy feeling in hiseye. He may even have swollen glands and a fever. Repetitive or allergic conjunctivitis needs the help of a professional homoeopath.

Apis mellifica

burning, stinging eye pain

better for cool applications; worse for warmth

possible puffy swelling of the eyelids

Argentum nitricum

thick pus-like, creamy discharge

swollen red lids and eyes

this remedy often useful in babies

better for cool applications

sensitivity to light

Arsenicum album

burning inflammation, better for warm applications

restlessness and anxiety

acrid excoriating discharge


for sudden intense onset

very red and bloodshot eyes

sensitivity to light


red eyes with acrid, burning tears- the tears may redden the cheeks

sensation of sand or grit in the eyes

The common name for this remedy is Eyebright. It is used both in herbalism

and homoeopathy. It can be used as an external lotion for many eye com plaints as well as internally.

Ferrum phosphoricum

inflammation at the outset; few other marked symptoms

child feels as if bits of dirt or grit are trapped under the upper eyelid

Hepar sulphuris

thick, pus-like discharge; eye pain worse for cold


thick, bland, yellow-green discharge

better for open air and cool applications

the child is often weepy and needing of affection

Rhus toxicodendron

eyes stick together at night

tears rush out when the child opens his eyes first thing in the morning

sensitivity to light

painful eyes, made worse by motion

general restlessness

Potency and Repetition

One dose of 12C or 30C every three hours for four to six doses. Stop the remedy when the eye starts to get better; repeat it if improvement slows or censes.


1 Do not let your child rub his eyes.

2 Do not share towels or flannels if the infection is contagious.

3 Use clean linen (not sponges) every time you clean the eye.

4 Moisten the eye with a cloth or eyebath to help remove stickiness. Use a solution of 5 drops of rose water and 5 drops of Euphrasia mother tincture in half a cup of warm sterilized water. If rose water is not available, use 1-2 drops of Euphrasia in an eyebath of sterilized or distilled warm water

5 If the infection is caused by an allergy, try to discover what your child might be allergic to and remove it from his diet or environment.


1 For any loss of vision, including blurred or double vision.

2 If the eye has been injured.

3 If the pain is severe.

4 If your child’s eyes hurt in bright light.

5 If the pupils are irregular sizes.

6 If any chemicals have gone into the eye: wash well with water while seekinghelp.

7 If the lid or surrounding skin is extremely swollen with a yellow-greendischarge