Animal Bites and Puncture Wounds

Animal Bites and Puncture Wounds


puncture wounds

nerve damage, especially with shooting pains

animal bites

Hypericum would be the second remedy (after Ledum) in the treatment of puncture wounds and/or animal bites. It can be used internally or externally. Hypericum is useful if the nerves (such as in the fingertips) are also damaged after an injury involving a tack, nail or similar Animal bites fall into thiscategory, as they are punctures to the skin. If Ledum has been given and ared streak goes up the injured limb, or if pain starts shooting along the nerve pathways, Hypericum must now be given. It will help relieve the pains and heal the wound and nerves

Potency and Repetition

Hypericum 30 can be given every hour for three or four doses to help alleviate shooting pains. If the pains are not shooting, one dose of Ledum 30 every hour for four doses can be given, followed by one dose of Hypericum every three hours for three doses.


• puncture wounds from rails, wire, etc

animal bites

Ledum prevents wounds from becoming septic and is the first remedy to be considered for a puncture to the skin. If your child gets a tack in her foot or hand, or steps on a nail, she will benefit from Ledum Please also read Hyper fcum (above) for help with these types of wounds.

Potency and Repetition

Ledum 30 can be given every half hour for three or four doses


All puncture wounds should first be washed and soaked for 10 minutes ina lotion of 15 drops Hypericum mother tincture (a solution made from the base plant soaked in alcohol) in half a glass of bolled or mineral water. The wound should then be covered with either Hypercal or Calendula ointment and a plaster

2 If the bleeding is profuse and needs to be stopped, apply pressure with acloth soaked in Hypericunt lotion


The most serious warry with these types of wounds is tetanus.

Both Ledum and Hypericum are said to be tetanus preventatives You must really make up your own mind on this. Certainly if you decide to get a Letanus injection, these remedies will help alleviate the pain and stimulate the healing process. The other concern is the possibility of contracting ra bies after an animal bite. Medical help must be sought immediately where this is a possibility.