Aconite is a very useful remedy at the onset of a sudden fever, and for complaints that arise after a shock or fright. The typical behaviour picture outlined below is extremely important, and must be present to some degree if using this remedy is to be a success.


acute inflammations

sudden pain

onset of fever

shock or fever accompanied by intense fear of death


1 Ailments such as a cough, cold, fever after exposure to cold

2 Ailments after shock, with intense fears, particularly of death.

3 Any sudden ailments which are violent and painful.

4 Panic attacks that include restlessness, and fear of death or of pain.

5 Sufferer will be hot, dry and thirsty.


Worse for severe cold weather, dry cold winds, night, being chilled

Better for open air, rest


Symptoms are intense and start very quickly when Aconite is indicated. Your child will be extremely fearful and restless, and may have a high fever Older children may ask if they are going to die, or exhibit some other sign of a fear of death. They will be hot, dry and thirsty with a rapid pulse.

Aconite may also be useful in a situation where a child has been terrified,by either a real or Imaginary event.


Particularly in infants, during the summer months, where the stools lookgreen. May be accompanied by inflammation or fever.


Aconite helps with acute febrile conditions (fevers), whatever the diagnosis, providing at least one of the characteristic symptoms (listed above) ispresent.

tremendous restlessness and great thirst

one cheek may be pale and cool while the other is flushed and hot

your child may moan

Flus, Colds, Laryngitis, Tonsillitis

For the first stage of such ailments, if there is congestion, headaches and flushed skin. Severe sneezing, husky voice or laryngitis,

Nose Bleeds

Sudden nose bleed, accompanied by any of the above characteristic symp

toms, would indicate Aconite.