Obesity Homeopathic medicines and treatment


Obesity is the result of today’s modern lifestyle. Most of today’s children, women, men all seem to be suffering from this problem. Due to this man is suffering from other diseases. Such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, etc., the causes of obesity are diet and wrong lifestyle, lack of labor, imbalance of hormones and disturbances of the hypothalamic part of the brain, etc. There are other remedies helpful in reducing obesity, but here I would like to discuss the attempt to get rid of these problems by homeopathic medicines. Please choose the medicine on the basis of symptoms.

(a) Phytolaccabery 3X- It is a very good medicine for reducing obesity. (take thrice a day)

(b) Calcarea Carb 30- Fat overweight patients, suffering from physical and mental fatigue, trouble in cold weather, feeling better in dry weather, can also take 200 potency medicine. (Take 30 Power twice a day and 200 Power should be taken only once a week)

(c) Ammonium Mur 30- It is a very useful medicine in reducing enlarged belly. (take twice a day)

(d) Graphitis 30- People with fat and chubby body can take it at least twice daily. (take twice a day)

(e) Natrum Mur 200- Excessive desire for salt, more urination, more heat is felt. (Use it only once a week)

(f) Thyroidium- Beneficial in increased obesity due to hormones, use three doses of 3x potency daily for at least 15 days.

(g) Pulsatilla- Give in 200 potency to women with low menstruation, backache, dry tongue, lack of thirst.

(h) FucusVesiculosis- 10 drops of its mother tincture should be taken thrice a day before meals. It is an effective medicine to reduce obesity, especially when there is persistent constipation.

And if any of the above mentioned medicines are not working then please consult your doctor.