Mental Diseases Homeopathic medicines and treatment

Mental Diseases

In the modern era, mental diseases are increasing very rapidly. It is increasing rapidly in men and women. The reason for its rapid condition is mainly our wrong lifestyle and wrong eating habits. Our social structure has become limited and narrow to a great extent and we are lacking in good qualities like kindness, love, compassion, friendship and camaraderie. Due to this there is an increase in mental diseases. We are describing here the main mental diseases and effective homeopathic medicines for them.

(a) Depression– Such a person starts having difficulty in thinking, there is an increase in the tendency of despair. The patient remains silent and calm. His face is sad, emotionless, unsteady and surrounded by depression. He seems older than his age and keeps away from this tendency to walk, run, run. Many delusions are also found in such a patient like-

(b) Hypochondriac – In such a person the worries about his health and the growth of his diseases increase very unnecessarily. Even after recovering, he thinks that he is not well. There must be something wrong with his health.

(c) Tendency to consider himself a criminal – Such a person starts to consider himself as a criminal and himself responsible in talk. as I am a sinner. I am bad, a burden to the society.

(d) Too much of Anxiety– Due to sadness, there is also a lot of anxiety in it. Irritability, feeling of strangers. The feeling of inferiority is high. Such a patient becomes suspicious of everyone. He starts considering every person as his enemy, he thinks that someone is following him or trying to harm him. Such persons are always the victim of imaginary fear.

Main remedies of this disease

(a) Ignatia 200, 1000 – Sadness, humiliation, death of a close relative due to failure in love, not revealing one’s sorrow to others. (Take 200 power once a week and 1000 power 20 once a day.

(b) Sepia 1000- Feeling of disinterest, dislike towards one’s own life, lack of sex, such a woman is full of sadness and thinks that she will never be free from disease. (Take 1000 Power 20 once a day.

(c) Lechesis 200- Such women become depressed after the stop of menstruation. He doesn’t feel like doing anything. Feels tired of life. They also have suicidal tendencies. (Take 200 Power once a week.

(d) Natrum Mur 200, 1000 – The patient wants to cry but is unable to cry. Thinks about one thing over and over again. Excessive thirst, feeling cold, loving open air, feeling of indecision. (Take 200 power once a week and 1000 power 20 once a day.

(e) Calcarea Carb 200- Always thinking about small things. Lack of sleep, indifferent to family, fearful living.

(f) Acid Phos 30, 200 – Due to extreme anguish and pain, the patient becomes a victim of severe disenchantment. Not interested in any work. There is a lack of memory power.

(g) Anacardium orient 200- Depression and extreme slackness in old age, habit of eating frequently in old age, a person full of fear as if someone is following him.

(h) Pulsatilla 1000- Excess of emotionality Such a person starts crying on talk.

(i) Kali phos 6x – A person suffering from work-related neglect and worries, there is constant sadness.

(j) Moschus 30, 200 – The patient talks about suffering, but on searching, his disease and suffering are not known.

(K) Aurum met 200, 1000 – a strong desire to commit suicide, irritability, blame yourself constantly and feels guilty and admonish.

2. Schizophrenia

Two homeopathic medicines are particularly useful in this disease.

(a) Natrum Mur 1000- The patient keeps repeating the same thing over and over again. Excessive thirst, strong desire to eat salt.

(b) Anacardium Orientale 200- The patient is surrounded by conflicting feelings. A feeling drives him to do some work. While the second emotion prevents the working, it is of a fragmented mind.

3. Epilepsy

It is considered a mental disease. This often results in memory loss. Feeling of emptiness, sweating, drooling, fainting, falling of objects from the mouth and stumbling on the ground are the main symptoms of this disease.

the treatment

(a) Opium 30- Epilepsy due to fear. (twice a day )

(b) Hyoscyamus 200- Sudden epileptic seizure with screaming.

(c) Cuprum Met 6, 30, 200- Epilepsy attack while sleeping. Sudden seizure, collapse with screaming, foaming in the mouth, blue lips, severe pain,

Give the medicine of higher order gradually from the medicine of lower potency.

(d) Oenanthe Crocata 12, 30 – Sudden and complete unconsciousness, foaming of the mouth, pale face, cold hands and feet.

(e) Ignatia 200, 1M – Fear, grief and separation of loved ones, self-indulgence and deceit in love, seizures from child beating.

(f) Cimicifuga 200- Epileptic seizures in the days of menstruation.

(g) kali chlor 200- Epileptic seizures during the new moon.

(h) Silicea 1M, 10M – Epilepsy on or around the full moon.

(i) Cicuta virosa 200- Epilepsy in head injury due to fear. Screaming, wailing, groaning. Seizures in symptoms like jaw stiffness etc.

4. Hysteria

It is found more in women than in men. In this too, seizures often occur similar to epilepsy. The only difference is that in epilepsy there is no consciousness, whereas in it there is. This disease is more often found in unmarried girls. In this the woman faints and starts trembling. The body starts twitching. In the disease of hysteria, attachment and suppression of sex often also become the cause.

the treatment

(a) Conium 1000 – Unmarried women and women who are divorced. In the hysteria caused by the suppression of sex in them.

(b) Platina 200- Due to repeated looking at others with disgust.

(c) Ignatia 200- Deprivation of love, suppression of libido, hiccups, vomiting, despair, crying.

(d) Netrum mur 1M- Seizures due to late or short periods, occurrence of disease due to sweating.

(e) Kali phos 30, 6X- Seizures due to emotionality or nervousness.

(f) Belladonna 1000- Trembling, burning, heat, redness, fear of ghosts.

(g) Moscus 200- Frequent fainting, increased heartbeat.

5. Insanity

Homeopathic medicines have also shown great effect in this disease. Its main medicines in this disease are as follows-

(a) Hyoscyamus 200, 1M – Laying hands on the genitals, getting naked frequently. Laughing, shouting, talking deceitfully, jealous, suspicious. Does not want to take medicines, keeps murmuring. Tries to run away from imaginary enemies.

(b) Thuja 1000- In case of insanity as a result of side effect of vaccine.

(c) Cannabis indica – If you start laughing, you keep on laughing. The fingers keep dancing. Interest in pleasurable things, no knowledge of distance and time at all.

(d) Stramonium 200- Very angry nature, always afraid of death, always laughing. Saugandh eats a lot. He does things like tearing clothes, whistling.

(e) Anacardium 1000- Suffering from the habit of eating sweets on talk.

(f) Platina 1000 – Think yourself too big and think of others too small, too arrogant, surrounded by misconceptions.

(g) Sulphur 1000- Wearing dirty and torn clothes thinking that they are dressed very well

(h) Belladonna 1000- State of intense frenzy, laughing loudly, very angry, aggressive, spit on others, barking like a dog.

6. Suicidal tendencies

The tendency to commit suicide is found in both highly imaginative and emotional women and men. Mental stress, financial problems, sadness, worry, restlessness, irritability are the main reasons for this increasing problem.

(a) Ignatia 200- Severe depression, sadness, despair, feeling of emptiness, restlessness Cannot tolerate the smoke of bidi-cigarette, the patient remains drowsy. Restlessness Give three doses of the above medicine 200 twice a week.

(b) Antim Crude 30- Bathing is not good, irritability cannot tolerate heat, irritability in talk, does not tolerate others’ words. Give 3-4 tablets of 30 strength thrice a day.

(c) Metallicum aurum- Very effective medicine. Despair in life, the tendency to self-harm, fail in examination, fail in love, in deep despair over the death of husband, this tendency of self-harm gradually enters the subtle body and as soon as the circumstances arise, the person immediately tends towards suicide. is. It is the best medicine in the treatment of suicidal tendencies.