Ear diseases homeopathic medicines and treatment

Ear Diseases

Earache (Otalgia)

It is important to find out what is causing the earache so that the treatment can be done accordingly. It is also good to keep in mind that the pain or problem

(1) External Ear

(2) Middle Ear and

(3) Where is it happening in the inner ear. in ear diseases

(1) Otaligia

(2) Otorrhoea

(3) Meniere of sounds in the ear and

(4) Deafness

major diseases.


(a) Merc Bin Iod 30- It is good to give this medicine when the ear pain has started due to exposure to cold air. (Give it twice a day and wait whether it is beneficial or not.)

(b) Pulsatilla 30, 200- Suitable medicine for children suffering from ear. (give twice a day)

(c) Chamomilla 200- Gives instant relief in severe earache.

(d) Belladonna 30- Useful medicine in earache. HeparSulph 30, 200 Capsicum 30, Silicea 30, 200 Tellurium 200 are effective medicines in ear oozing (Ostorrhoea). Mullen oil is also a medicine for ear ripening, 2-3 drops should be put in the ear daily.

Calcarea Carb 200 Graphitis 30, ChiniumSulph 200 and Digitalis 30 are good medicines in case of hearing sound.


Acid Phos 200, Calimur 30. Phosphorus 30 and Graphitis 30 are very useful medicines for the diagnosis of deafness. Pulsatilla 30, Belladonna 30 and Ergotinum 30 are very effective homeopathic medicines for mumps.

If the problem is big, then definitely visit a nearby homeopath and get the ear inspected. Ear problems should be taken seriously.

Before using the above mentioned medicines, read about the medicine once and make sure that 50% of the symptoms match the patient. Never be in a hurry to choose a medicine. If homeopathic medicine matches the symptoms of the body, then your disease can be completely eliminated from the body.