Stomach diseases medicine and complete homeopathy treatment

Stomach diseases and treatment

We all know that our stomach is the origin of all kinds of defects and disorders and the health of all the systems and organs of the body depends on the health of our stomach. If our stomach is good then our health will also be fine and if our stomach is bad then we start giving invitation to all diseases knowingly or unknowingly. It is only when the stomach is well that the food is properly digested and absorbed and healthy and nectar-like nutrition starts reaching all the organs of the body. When the stomach is upset, the same food gets converted into poison. Such toxic nutrition gradually makes all our organs sick. If our stomach is healthy, then all the components of our body and the seven dhatu- blood, flesh, bone, medulla, semen and energy, become strong, strong and healthy, making us strong and disease free. Various methods of modern medicine do not have accurate and effective diagnosis of stomach diseases. Homeopathy is the only such system of medicine, from which proper guidance and details of treatment are available to us regarding all stomach related diseases. In other medical systems, it suppresses the diseases of the stomach for some time, which gives relief for some time, but does not cure them permanently and later the suppressed disease appears as fatal chronic and chronic. Comes. But the treatment of homeopathy is not suppressive, but it is like a degenerative, curative, eliminative and revitalizing life, in such difficult situations, the demand for homeopathic medicines will increase progressively, it is my firm belief that. Due to its ease and simplicity, one can easily do their treatment without spending a lot of money. Although in complex diseases, it is also necessary to take treatment by a specialist. In this regard, we also have to remember that Homeo Medicine is the science of health. Whereas all other types of drug therapy systems are the science of disease. For this reason, more emphasis is laid on diagnosis than on health in these popular medical systems. In these systems of medicine, the disease is treated, whereas in homeopathic medicine, the patient is treated and the root cause is removed. In drug therapy, many medicines are given to the patient for use. Due to which his immunity or vitality decreases. In such a situation, there is also a possibility of him becoming a patient again in the future. But such a situation does not arise under home medicine. We give more importance to the testing of the individual than the testing of the disease.

Stomach diseases and treatment

The following diseases are mainly found in diseases of stomach and digestion-

1. Dyspepsia

2. Diarrhoea

3. Constipation

4. Abdominal Pain or Abdomanalgia

5. Acidity

6. Vomiting

7. Dysentery,

8. Ulcer Colitis

9. Jaundice

10. Piles

11. Fistula of Rectum

12. Appendicitis

13. Hermia

14. Prolapse of Rectum

15. Gallstones (Gal 16. Worms Bladder Stone)

In this way, the above diseases are prominent in stomach related diseases. The description and treatment of these diseases are given below.

1. Dyspepsia

Indigestion or indigestion is the disturbance of food digestion process. Its main symptoms are flatulence, constipation, belching, frequent diarrhea, burning in the chest or throat, heaviness in the stomach, abdominal pain after meals, and headache. This disease is often caused by eating excessive amounts of things made of ghee and oil, swallowing food without chewing and drinking or eating ice, syrup, tea, coffee in large quantities and frequently.

the treatment

(a) Nux vomica 30- Feeling of weight and pain in the digestive tract after a meal, flatulence, raw belching, burning in the liver, sleepiness and sluggishness after meals, frequent urge to defecate. (take only once daily in the evening)

(b) Nutmur 12x- Eating heavy things made of potato flour and giving this medicine in dyspepsia gives special benefit. (take three times a day)

(c) Pulsatilla 30- Rotating head, Nausea, Dry tongue, Frequent thin or gooey diarrhoea, With salty taste in the mouth. (take twice a day)

(d) Lycopodium 200- Downward release of air, due to excessive reading and writing and due to dyspepsia. (take weekly)

(e) Carbo veg 30- It is considered to be a more beneficial medicine in case of chronic indigestion and indigestion in old age. (take daily in the morning and evening)

(1) Sepia 3- This medicine is very useful in chronic indigestion, especially in the case of geriatric disease. (take twice a day)

2. Diarrhoea

The frequent occurrence of loose stools as a result of too much is called diarrhea or diarrhoea. The chronic stage of this disease is called samagri. This disease is caused by excessive heat in summer and very cold during winter, fasting, physical or mental labor, eating rotten things. First there is simple diarrhea, then thin diarrhea starts. In it, phlegm or goose-like substances or things eaten are seen as mixed. The color of the squads is sometimes green, black, beige. The patient starts feeling very weak due to frequent diarrhea. Its medicines and treatments are as follows-

the treatment

(a) Nuxwamika 30 – loose stools of soily, greenish or black color and increase of stools in the morning and in the previous night even after repeated precipitates. Naxwamika 30 is a very effective medicine in this disease due to drug addiction. (take every evening)

(b) Aloesoc 6- Inadvertently there is diarrhea, urination, or disease due to cold.

(c) Dulcamara 6 – Disease caused by exposure to cold wind or due to cold.

(d) Aconite- It should be given in case of disease due to fear.

(e) Spirit Camphor – Its use is beneficial in case of cold hands, feet and face, sudden diarrhea.

(1) Other medicines- Ipecac, Arsenic, Bryonia, Phosphorous, Pulsatilla, Thuja etc. medicines are particularly beneficial.

3. Constipation

The only mantra to keep our body healthy and healthy throughout life is that we should always keep ourselves free from constipation. In constipation, when the muscles of the large intestine become incapable of pushing the intestinal juice and stool forward by natural contraction or contraction and expansion or expansion as well as by hilaron (or parilelastic action) in the intestines, then we have the disease of constipation. Defecation once or more than twice in 24 hours, stasis of stool in the bowel, feeling of light and clear stomach even after defecation, Prolonged defecation, Loss of appetite, Constipation are the main symptoms. Eating without chewing is the main cause of constipation. If we make a habit of chewing and chewing food, then we will automatically get rid of this problem of 75% constipation. Wrong eating, eating without appetite, overeating, eating without chewing are the main reasons for constipation. Apart from this, lack of suitable labor, mental anxiety, intoxication etc. have also been considered as the main symptoms of this disease. In this disease, the main symptoms are heaviness in the head, feeling of pressure in the intestines and the digestive tract, frequent bowel movements, feeling like fever, not going to the toilet at all, etc.

the treatment

(a) Nux Vomica 30- Frequent coughing but it does not happen and even if it happens, it is very little. The pot does not open. It seems that a little is left inside. (take every evening)

(b) Bryonia 30- The stool is dry, hard and as if burnt. This medicine is especially beneficial for patients suffering from thirst, headache, and Vata. (take twice a day)

(c) Alumina 30- There is no toilet at all. For many days there is no stool, stool collects in the stomach. (Take twice a day.)

(d) Sepia 30- Large and hard stools come out with great difficulty. There seems to be a weight in the anus. (take twice a day)

(e) Sulphur 200- Stool hard, very dry, very painful with stool, redness and itching at the anus. (Take weekly.)

(1) Thuja 200- Deep constipation, it feels like to spit but it doesn’t happen. Stool comes like hard balls. A little stool comes out and then the stool goes back inside. (Take weekly.)

(g) Collinsonia30- It is very beneficial in post-delivery constipation. (take twice a day)

(h) Graphities 30- The stool is hard, large like a knot, difficult to pass.

(take twice a day)

  • Other medicines- Silicea, Graphitis, Lycopodium, Magnesiamur, Ana cardium etc.

4. Abdominal Pain or Abdomanalgia Treatment

(a) Lycopodium 30- Gas is filled in the stomach, the stomach becomes bloated, as if the stomach is bursting. Taking hot food gives relief. There is severe torsion pain in the abdomen. (take once a day)

(b) Pulsatilla 30- As if a stone is placed on the stomach, abdominal pain and rumbling are felt, eating food made of ghee-oil causes pain. (take twice a day)

(c) Belladonna 30- Pain arises suddenly, there is flatulence, severe pain, pain is caused by movement and pressing. (take twice a day)

(d) Chamomilla 200- It is beneficial in stomachache of irritable, irritable children. (take twice a day)

(e) Colocynth 200- Very painful pain in the abdomen, especially around the navel, is relieved by bending forward. (take once a week)

(1) Dioscorea30- There is relief in pain in bending backwards. Stretching the arms and legs also gives relief. (take twice a day)

Abdominal pain is usually of two types.

(1) Acute Abdominal Pain (2) Chronic Abdominalgia.

Abdominal pain continues even in the event of constipation. Stomach pain occurs with fever in intestinal infection, inflammation and inflammation. Sometimes the scrotum gets stuck in the intestines causing abdominal pain. Renal colic occurs in any one part (left or right or both sides) of the groin or upper abdomen. In gall bladder stones, blockage and inflammation, there is pain in the upper right side of the abdomen. Women also have abdominal pain (dysmenorrhea) during menstruation. Indigestion and intestinal spasm also cause pain. Sudden blockage in the appendix due to infection blockage, pressing on the right side causes pain. In duodenal or gastric (intestinal and stomach) ulcers, sudden pain arises in the upper part of the stomach. Thus, there can be many reasons for stomach pain.

5. Acidity

Wrong and disordered diet, Overeating, Fried-roasted, Chilli-spicy food, Meat, Egg, Tobacco, Alcohol, Soda, Tea, Coffee, Soft drink, Cola, Fast food food, Stale food, Highly acidic and Made of refined flour Diets produce acidity. Mental, anger, stress, anxiety, fear, jealousy etc. The balance of digestive juices gets disturbed due to the secretion of juice, secretion from the endocrine glands and the stimulation of the nervous bagus nerve which controls the digestive system even in mental states. As a result, hyperacidity is generated. The main cause of acid bile is the stomach, which is also the shelter of phlegm and acid bile. Acidity is produced from Kapha and Pitta. People who take more refined carbohydrates starch, sugar, they have more complaints of acidity. Burning in the stomach, air formation in the stomach, sour belching are its main symptoms.

the treatment

(a) Nux Vomica 30- Food is not digested properly. There is constipation and there is little stool also. (take every evening)

(b) Carbo Veg 6- In this gas is formed in the upper part of the stomach along with acidity. (take 3 times a day)

(c) China 30 – In this, air is filled in the stomach, neither the gas passes from above nor from below. (take twice a day)

(d) NatrumPhos 12x- Indigestion, flatulence.

(e) Lycopodium 30- Flatulence, rumbling, feeling of air in the stomach.

(e) Acid Sulph- Sourness of teeth, burning in chest, vomiting of acidity.

6. Vomiting Emetis of Nausea

the treatment

(a) Aethuja 30- If the child vomits soon after drinking milk. ( twice a day )

(b) Arsenic Album 30- Frequent vomiting, intense thirst for water, vomiting due to food poisoning. ( twice a day )

(c) Ipecac 30- G. Nausea is followed by frequent vomiting. ( twice a day )

(d) Phosphorus 30- Vomiting occurs after little water in the stomach (Travelling sickness). ( twice a day )

(e) Borax 30- Fear of falling while sitting in aircraft, take medicine before boarding the aircraft. ( twice a day )

(1) Cocculusindica 30- If vomiting occurs in bus or vehicle, take it a day before, every half hour. ( twice a day )

7. Dysentery, Colitis

In twenty-four hours, 15 to 30 times in a row, the toilet comes with the gooseberry. Sometimes only goose comes with twist and sometimes goose comes with blood. There is a tendency to have frequent bowel movements with cramping. Cramps after bowel movement, after some time the twitching starts again after some time. Symptoms of sweet stinging pain, nausea, vomiting and headache. Dysentery is often caused by a variety of microscopic microbes. These pathogens often reach the intestines with the help of water or marketed food items. By making their shelter under the intestinal membrane, they cause infectious diseases (dysentery). They also cause sores and boils in the intestines. Due to dysentery, the immune system of the intestines becomes weak. The accumulated stool and disorders in the body start increasing. Along with this, the number of different types of germs also starts growing. The process that the body adopts to expel these germs and accumulated feces is known as dysentery. Before treatment, it is necessary that special attention should be paid to the diet therapy of the patient.

the treatment

(a) Nuxnamika 30- Frequent hoarding, there is pain in the stomach before and during the bathroom. (Take one dose twice a day at five o’clock in the evening and the second dose at ten o’clock in the night.)

(b) Aloe 30- Coming of blood with colic and unintentional sputum. (Take three times a day.)

(c) Merccor 30- Sudden opening of the toilet, the coming of blood in the toilet, even after trying, there is no toilet. (Take three times a day.)

(d) Argentum nitricum 30- It is an effective medicine for chronic dysentery. (Take three times a day.)

8. Ulcers of the stomach

The wound on the body is called ulcer and the wound inside the body is called ulcer. Various research studies have shown that duodenal ulcers are more common in men than women. Gastric ulcers are more common in women. The number of acid-producing cells in the stomach of women is less, as a result of which they are protected from ulcers. In India, people from Bengal, Bihar, Kerala, Maharashtra, Madras, Assam and Andhra Pradesh and other states that eat more rice are more prone to ulcers. In situations of anxiety, anger, jealousy, malice, competition and mental stress, the amount of adenine in the blood increases. Also, due to stimulation of the vagus nerve, the stomach cells start releasing more acid. With constant stress, the ulcer starts to deepen and become chronic. Stress and stress are the main causes of ulcers. Avoidance- Take tea, coffee cold, do not drink too hot. Minimize them or turn them off. Quit alcohol and cigarettes at all. Keep yourself free from stress. Excessive stress, worry and anger lead to the formation of more acid, which forms ulcers. Do not take too much salt, chili spicy food. In case of gastric ulcer, take cold milk and homeopathic medicine Netrumphos. Apart from this, acid sulph is also the best medicine for stomach ulcers. If there is complaint of gas along with ulcer in stomach, then one or two doses of Lycopodium 200 potency should be taken. Carboveg is also the best medicine for gastric ulcer and suphur is also considered very useful in gastric ulcer and arsenic is a panacea for intestinal ulcer and colitis.

9. Jaundice

This disease occurs due to disturbances in the function of bile excretion of liver. Incontinence of diet, irregular and uncontrolled eating, drinking, etc. Many reasons are directly responsible for this disease. In this disease the skin of the body, the cover of the eyes becomes white and the color of urine becomes yellow.

(a) Nuxvomica 30- It is a useful medicine in jaundice caused by excessive consumption of alcohol and excessive use of allopathic medicines. If there is more constipation and there is more pain in the liver, then take it.

(b) Aconite 30- This medicine is extremely beneficial in the occurrence of this disease in pregnant women.

(c) China 30- Take it in case of weakness, predominance of bile and yellowing of diarrhea after a long period of malarial disease.

(d) Chelidonium 6- Give it in pain in liver, yellow tongue, bitter taste of mouth, pain in right shoulder.

(e) Mercasol 30- If there is excessive salivation and blisters in the mouth, if there is intermittent stomach pain at night, then give this medicine.

10. Piles

Due to this disease, the veins inside and outside the anus swell and the skin becomes hard and constricted and warts are born. These include itching, pain, tension and burning. When blood comes out of the wart, it is called bloody and if the blood does not come out, it is called piles.

Thus hemorrhoids are of two types

A. Bleeding piles- Bleeding from the moles during bowel movement.

B. Dry and plain hemorrhoids- No blood loss during bowel movement.

the treatment

(a) Hamamelis 2x – Useful medicine in bleeding piles.

(b) Sulphur 30- Beneficial in chronic disease, Sulfur should be given in the morning and Nux in the evening.

(c) Causticum 6- Very constipated, wart swollen and burning in it.

(d) Erigeron Canadensis30- Useful in bloody piles.

(e) NuxVamica 30- Beneficial in the disease of lazy and alcoholics.

(1) Aloe 200- Burning, itching at the anus and relief from the use of cold water.

(g) Kali Carb 30 – Useful in case of large bloated and pain and burning in the anus.

(h) Arsenic 30- Burning-like pain, hot water provides relief in restlessness and nervousness.

(i) Belladonna 30- Reddish-reddish swelling on the anus; Slightly unbearable pain to touch.

11. Fistula of Rectum

In this disease, there is an abscess on the loose fibers in the lower part of the anus. When the abscess bursts on the outside of the anus, its walls shrink and it becomes like a tube in which two holes are made inside and outside. There is pain in them. It is of three types.

(1) Complete fistula, (2) Blind internal fistula and (3) Blind external fistula.

the treatment

(a) Bryonia 6-The discharge is more frequent all the time. Pain and tension are always there and when the anus remains wet.

(b) Silicea 200- If the disease is accompanied by constipation, thin and foul-smelling pus, then Silicea is the great medicine for this disease.

(c) Graphitis 200- Useful medicine in torn wounds of the anus.

(d) Acid nitricum 200- There is a lot of pain in the anus after being sedated.

(e) Sulfur 30- There is swelling and tingling pain in the anus.

(f) Auram Mur 200- It is considered to be a very excellent medicine for Bhagandar. This medicine is very useful in the treatment of unbearable pains of fistula. The patient gets immediate benefits.

12. Appendicitis

In this disease, the patient experiences unbearable pain. The pain comes on suddenly and gets better gradually. There is pain in the stomach like a twitch. The face turns red. Bending in front gives relief in pain.

the treatment

(a) Bryonia 30- When it is relieved by lying quietly and the pain starts in the stomach with the slightest movement. The thirst for water remains constant. In this, Bryonia 30 is considered a panacea.

(b) Pulsatilla 30- Bitter taste and foul smell in the mouth. There is severe pain in the stomach, the patient is writhing with pain, even the clothes of the body become unbearable.

(c) Nuxvomica 30- Use it in stomach cramps and contractile pain.

(d) Iris Tenex 6- A very famous medicine for appendicitis. By giving it, the patient gets immediate relief.

(e) Belladonna 30- The pain comes on suddenly and is often unbearable.

13. Hernia

A small part of the intestine or pulse comes out from inside the abdominal wall and swells up, this is called bowel movement.

It is of two types. (a) Inguinal and (b) Umbilikala.

The hernia of the thigh joint or the place of the gland is called inguinal. In this, the intestine comes out of the stomach and comes into the testicle and if the intestine does not go into the stomach at the same time, then it is called the iridiosibul and when it comes out of the scrotum and stays inside the testicle and it cannot be brought in its place then it is called It is called staglated hernia and when the intestine does not come back out or comes back and comes out again, then such condition is called incarcerated. Umbilical hernia usually occurs in children only.

the treatment

(a) Nux vomica 30- Hernia on the left. Pain worsens after midnight.

(b) Lycopodium 200- Hernia on the right side. Gas passes from below in the stomach.

(c) Arnica 200- Injury causes hernia.

(d) Calcareacarb 200- Fluffy body, excessive sweating in the back of the head.

(e) Cocculus 30- It is a good medicine to descend from the navel.

14. Prolapse of Rectum

The exit of the intestine through the anus is called the exit of the glass. This disease is more often found in children. This disease often occurs due to excessive exertion at the time of defecation.

(a) Aloe 200- On the release of glass at the time of excretion.

(b) Sulphur 1000- In chronic constipation.

(c) Ignatia 200- Passing out of the glass every time of defecation.

(d) Podophyllum 200- The coming out of the glass every time it is excreted.

(e) Ruta 200 – The glass comes out with a slight thrust.

(f) Merc Cor 30- Glaucoma due to gastric disease. Note- If the glass comes out, then it should be put inside with the finger.

15. Gall Bladder Stone

When stones form in the gallbladder, the patient experiences unbearable pain. Severe pain is caused by dilation or contraction of the gallbladder. The pain is very severe and occurs suddenly, vomiting, sweating. The pain is mostly on the right side of the navel and sometimes it appears in the left shoulder as well.

the treatment

(a) Nuxvomica 30- Spasm of gall bladder, pain aggravated by movement and pressing and relieved by compress.

(b) Calcarea carb 30- When there is a feeling of stinging pain and pressure in the liver region.

(c) China 30- Prevents the formation of gallstones.

(d) Magnesia Mur 30- The pain is aggravated by lying on the right side.

(e) Chelidonium 6- The pain of gallstone persists below the right shoulder.

(1) CarduusMarianus6- It is a very useful medicine in inflammation of gallstone, gall bladder with liver enlargement.

16. Worms

Some worm is always present in the stomach of every person. It makes the person’s body sick. It is common for children to have worm disease. In particular, these worms are of three types. (1) • Like a small yarn, (2) like a long earthworm and (3) like a long lace. When there is a worm, the teeth keep grinding even in sleep. The first type of worms usually live near the anus, while the second type of worms usually live in the small intestine and the third type of worms can be up to 10 feet in length or even more.

the treatment

(a) Cina 200- It is a very useful medicine for all types of worms.

(b) Santonine 1X- This is also considered a good medicine for worm disease.

(c) Stannum 30- By eating it, the worms come out.

(d) Nutrumphos 3X, 30- Very good medicine for all types of worms.

(e) Chenopodium 3x, 30 – is considered to be very good medicine for sticky and round worms.