Toothache Homeopathic medicines and treatment


Dental care is very important for good health. Not brushing your teeth can also put you at risk of heart disease. The disease of the tissues around the teeth (gum and bone) is called parietal dental disease. In this, the gums first become soft and there is burning and pain in them. Tooth roots begin to weaken. Worms in the teeth are also a reason for toothache.

(a) Plantigo Q – Applying it on the tooth where the cavity has formed gives instant relief by mixing it with cotton. (Use thrice a day and Plantego 30 thrice a day by putting 2 drops on the tongue provides quick relief.

(b) Aconite 30- Due to the cold air, pain usually starts in the teeth. In such a situation, this medicine gives special benefit. (Can be used repeatedly for some time. This medicine is not associated with chronic diseases.)

(c) Merck Sal- Taking 2 drops of Merck Sal 30 potency provides great relief in pain. Do not use this medicine for a long time. Stop when you are comfortable. )

(d) Magphos 30- Especially beneficial in unbearable toothache. (Use thrice a day, morning, evening, afternoon)

(e) Silicea- It is beneficial in swelling, swelling and pain of the gums. In Silesia 30 potency 5-6 tablets should be sucked in the morning and evening. If the toothache changes from one tooth to another. If there is worm in the teeth, give Kryozote 30 potency. Ignetia 30 or Spigelia 30 should be taken to get relief from the problem of toothache due to tobacco addiction. If the problem is more then it can be taken for a long time.

Homeopathic medicine cures this disease completely. Do not change medicines frequently. Get complete information about the medicine and then choose the medicine. Don’t be hasty at all. Homeopathy is the most suitable method for dental diseases. Read about the medicines given above and buy whatever medicine matches your symptoms from the market and follow the prescribed rules. Do not eat fried things at all. Leave the onion, garlic and sour things for some time.