Dry cough, wet cough and whooping cough disease Homeopathy

Dry cough, wet cough and whooping cough disease

Dry Cough & Cold

(a) Aconite 30 : Use of this medicine in case of cold and dry cough should do. (take thrice a day)

(b) Sulphur 200 : When the cough becomes very chronic, give Sulfur 200. benefits a lot. (take once a day)

(c) Phosphorus 30 : When there is persistent dry cough day and night. (take thrice a day)

(d) Belladonna 30 : Dry cough and sore throat – coughing Started. (take thrice a day)

(e) Bryonia 30 : Feeling very dry and speaking a little This medicine is given when cough starts coming. (take thrice a day)

Wet Cough

(a) Drosera- Vomiting while coughing, give it in such case.

(b) Rhus tox- When cough occurs after getting wet, then it should be given.

(c) Ipecac- Chronic cough in which phlegm is felt in the chest.

(d) Kali Sulph- Yellow colored loose phlegm comes out.

Whooping Cough

It is considered an infectious disease. The coughing velocity was very high is. The face turns red while coughing. sometimes causing severe cough

Vomiting also happens. Its main medicines are as follows-

(a) Drosera 30 : A single dose of this drug is known to have immediate benefits. seems to fall. This is the best remedy for whooping cough is medicine. (take thrice a day)

(b) Phosphorus 200 : When the outbreak of whooping cough is more in the evening If it is detected, it becomes sore and there is a strong need to drink cold water. There is desire. (take once a day)

(c) Kuprem mate 30 : When the attack is very fast. cramping feeling in cough Yes, and drinking cold water gives relief. (take thrice a day)

chronic cough

(a) Ipecac 30- Chronic cough in which phlegm is felt in the chest and Vomiting while coughing. (take thrice a day)

(b) Pulsatilla 30 : Yellow colored phlegm comes out, increases in evening. (take thrice a day)

(c) Ammonium karva 30 : Cough of old people produces a lot of phlegm Come. (take thrice a day)

(d) Hepar Sulph 30 : Chronic cough, coughing and coughing leads to stuffy throat. (take thrice a day)